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LibGuides Manual

Content Review

Once the creator of the guide has completed the initial draft of the guide, the creator should assign a guide editor. The editor will be responsible for completing the guide’s content review.

To assign an editor to your guide, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select "Guide Editors" from the dropdown.

dropdown for guide editors

In the Guide Editors window, click on "Select guide editors" and either scroll through the list to find a name, or begin typing the name in the "Select guide editors" field. Click the blue Save button in the lower left corner of the window when you are finished assigning editors.

Content Review Tips

  • Writing style
    • Check for clear prose written with a general audience in mind
    • Check for potential bias
    • Correct grammatical errors and typos
    • Adhere to a consistent style
  • Accuracy
    • Ensure entries are factually accurate
    • Ensure images/video/audio have correct captions
  • Currency
    • ensure up-to-date information is included in the guide, when appropriate
  • Offer suggestions regarding content—both specific resources as well as larger categories of information—that should be added to or removed from the guide
  • Ensure the most important words of a guide's title are at the beginning of the guide's title
  • Ensure the guide description is a concise summary of the purpose of the guide
  • Ensure appropriate subjects and tags are added to the guide