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Matting and Hinging Works of Art on Paper

Mounting & Hinging


There are a great variety of ways to attach art into a window mat. Hinges attached with wheat starch paste have been traditionally favored, but now other non-adhesive means of attachment are used for many items. Edge strips or channels, corners, polyester half-moons, or polyester sheeting with ultrasonic dot or line welds offer means of securing the item without requiring adhesive attachment to an object.

When your mat has been put together and is dry, you can proceed to mounting the artwork. Position the art on the back mat, checking the fit behind the window carefully until you have it perfectly positioned. Carefully weight the object down (using a barrier safe for the media, such as a blotter square). It is now ready to be attached using hinges, edge strips, corners, half moons or other methods as discussed below.