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Matting and Hinging Works of Art on Paper

Edge Strips

There are a variety of techniques that support an artwork along the full length of the piece along all edges. (See AIC BPG wikiExternal on matting for details). One option is an edge strip of folded paper in which the trough holds the work along the entire perimeter. Slits are made so that strips can slip through one another at the corners. They are then secured outside the crossovers with an approved tape or adhesive strip, or on the underside with approved double-sided tape. For items with more planar distortion, the paper can be z folded rather than just bi-folded to allow for more flexing while still being secure. For larger or heavier pieces, cutting out a half-circle along the front of the fold and adhering this down to the backboard as well provides more secure support.


graphic showing folded edge strip with and without a half-circle cut-outgraphic showing how to place edge strips along artwork


A full sheet of paper larger than the art can be slit and folded in at the corners to make edge strips, adding extra support.

Examples of Edge Strips (or Channels)

Edge strips fully mounted.

Edge strips (or channels) matted.

Detailed view of edges strips.