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Matting and Hinging Works of Art on Paper


The following galleries show close-up examples of matted works of art. The first example is a simple; cover-less mat and the rest show special variations of matting techniques discussed in other sections.

Example of a Simple Cover-less Mat

A simple cover-less mat, over matted. Print is mounted with T-hinges and has a polyester sheeting overlay that tucks into a tab at the bottom.
Cover-less mat with the polyester sheet up.
Cover-less mat with polyester over the print.

Example of a Basic Mat with Floated Artwork

Floated mat detail.

Example of a Double-sided Mat with String Hinged Art

View of open mat with sting mounted art.

View of closed mat with string mounted art.

Verso of string mounted art

Example of Sink Mat with Wrapped Sink Edges

Art in sink mat with wrapped sink edges.

Sink mat closed.