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Microform Sets in the European Reading Room

List of microfilm and microfiche sets in the European Reading Room. Sets include biographical archives, newspaper collections, military documents, or bibliographic catalogs mostly related to Eastern Europe.

List of Microform Sets

Image of microfilm on shelf
Romanian Military Archives microfilm. 1980. Library of Congress European Reading Room.

The European Reading Room's collection of microforms includes not only long runs on microfilm of Baltic and Slavic-language newspapers, but also the unique items listed below. Many of the sets are biographical or bibliographical resources, while others are collections of primary documents or library catalogs.

For newspaper holdings search the Library of Congress online catalog or peruse the many European newspaper guides available on the European Reading Room website.

Full bibliographic information about each microform set from the Library of Congress online catalog may be obtained by clicking on the call number for a given item. The location field indicates whether the item is held in the European Reading Room microfiche cabinet (open shelf) or must be requested at the reference desk (request).

The Reading Room has two microfilm reader/scanners available for use with no appointments needed.

Title Call Number Quantity Location
Anti-Soviet Newspapers. 1918–1922. Microfilm 2009/75 91 reels request
Aus dem Ostlande. Microfilm (o) 2007/51 5 reels request
Baltisches biographisches Archiv: BaBA. Microfiche 96/160 (C) 420 microfiches open shelf
Biografisch archief van de Benelux. Microfiche 94/2001 (C) 762 microfiches open shelf
Biographisches Archiv der Sowjetunion. Microfiche 2004/4 504 microfiches open shelf
Card Catalog of Russian Personalities (Modzalevskii Collection). Microfiche 98/18 (C) 364 microfiches open shelf
Český biografický archiv a slovenský biografický archiv. Microfiche 97/16 (C) (680 microfiches; not complete; 499 is last available) open shelf
Dissent in Poland: Publications and Manuscripts. Microfilm 2006/301 115 reels request
Griechisches biographisches Archiv. Microfiche 99/45 426 microfiches open shelf
Helsingin yliopisto. Card Catalogs Old and New of Publications Chiefly in Russian in the Slavic Department of the University Library. Microfilm 6419 Z (18 reels) open shelf
Hungarian Samizdat. Microfiche
98/8551, 98/8552, 98/8553, 98/8554, 98/8555, 98/8556, 98/8557, 98/8558, 98/8559, 98/8560, 98/8561, 98/8562, 98/8563, 98/8565, 98/8566, 98/8567, 98/8568, 98/8569, 98/8570, 98/8571, 98/8572 (each title has own call number)
272 microfiches open shelf
Jews in Late Imperial Russia: forgotten sources. Microfiche 2010/1 354 microfiches request
Katalog byvshei biblioteki russkogo zagranichnogo istoricheskogo arkhiva. Microfiche 99/26 (Z) 267 microfiches open shelf
Late Soviet and post-Soviet Transitional Press. Microfilm 2011/69 140 reels request
Microfilm of Formerly Secret Military Documents from the Central Military Archives, Warsaw. Microfilm (o) 96/6398 (U) 92 reels
Microfilm of Formerly Secret Military Documents from the National Military Archives of Romania, Bucharest. Microfilm (o) 97/6257 (U) 2,118 reels
(92 indexed)
Microfilm of Formerly Secret Military Documents from the War History Archives, Budapest. Microfilm (o) 98/6006 (U) 216 reels
Newspapers of the October Revolution: January 3, 1917 through December 31, 1917. Newspaper Microfilm 4323 216 reels
(Digital version)
Old Russian Manuscripts of the Pushkinskii Dom (IRLAN) Microfilm (o) 97/6002 (B) 30 reels
Polish Legions, 1917–1918. Microfilm 2007/301 30 reels request
Polskie archiwum biograficzne. Microfiche 94/2008 636 microfiches open shelf
Polskie archiwum biograficzne. Supplement. Microfiche 98/9 93 microfiches open shelf
Russian and CIS Press, 1984-2020. Newspaper Microfilm 5378 91 reels
(Contents in Russian newspaper guide)
Russisches biographisches Archiv. Microfiche 98/4 (C) 539 microfiches open shelf
Scandinavian Biographical Archive. Microfiche 94/2000 (C) 847 microfiches open shelf
Slavic Cyrillic Union Catalog of pre-1956 Imprints   174 microfiches open shelf
The Soviet Biographic Archive, 1954–1985. Microfiche 88/209 (Z) 2,812 microfiches open shelf
Soviet Independent Press 1985-1992. Microfilm 2011/9 112 reels
Sudosteuropaisches biographisches Archiv. Microfiche 98/40 (D) 504 microfiches open shelf
Ungarisches biographisches Archiv. Microfiche 96/166 647 microfiches, but Eur has only fiche numbers 1–399 open shelf
Vsesoiuznaia perepis' naseleniia 1939 goda / The All-Union Population Census, 1939 Microfilm 2006/302 319 reels request
Vsesoiuznaia perepis' naseleniia 1959 goda / 1959 All-Union [Soviet] Population Census. Microfilm 2009/200 255 reels request