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Moldovan Collections at the Library of Congress

Moldovan Periodicals and Newspapers

Image of a street and streetcar Chisinau, early 20th century
Image with a streetcar, detail from a Chișinău postcard. ca 1920s. Edward McBride postcard collection. Library of Congress. Prints and Photograph Division.

The Library's Serial and Government Publications Division maintains one of the most extensive collections of newspapers, current periodicals, comic books, and government publications. With over 25,000 non-US titles, it is the largest collection of international newspapers in the world. Many of these materials are served in the Library's Newspaper & Current Periodical Reading Room.

In total, the Library's holdings in this category consist of about 350 Moldovan serial titles, of which some 25 are newspapers. Our collection of periodicals includes not only weekly and daily newspapers, but also scientific and professional journals, and annual publications of government agencies. A list of the current academic and literary journals External from Moldova was put together by their national Library, and is available online. This list provides information about their academic accrediting and links to the websites where archived issues are also available. Searching articles by author, title, and subjects can be done through the catalog of the Moldovan National Library External.

Newspapers are generally held in three formats: microfilm, print, and digital. A title might be available in one or multiple formats, and this may vary by date range. Most historic newspapers are preserved on microfilm because they take up less space on film, and because newsprint paper deteriorates rapidly. Monthly and annual publications are generally bound, and can be requested from the online catalog.

This section provides a few helpful links and titles of Romanian and other language serials from Moldova. Our complete collection can be found in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. A list of the subjects under which periodicals from Moldova have been cataloged can be browsed here.

The complete list of Russian language newspapers with information on their availability for different years, is available in another guide in the section called Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine Newspapers in Russian.

Periodicals published between 1867-1945 now digitalized

You can find digitalized Moldovan periodicals published before 1946 in the Moldavica database. The search interface is in Romanian, and it allows searching within title, author, or full text. There is also a list of titles that can be viewed under "Titluri", and a list of subjects under "Subiecte."


Works on newspapers in Moldova may be found by searching the Library of Congress catalog using subject headings containing the terms newspapers, or press, or periodical, and Moldova. The books listed below can be found on the reference shelves of the European Reading Room, while the periodicals can be used in the Newspaper Reading Room.
The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. This list is organized alphabetically by title.