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Municipal Codes: A Beginner's Guide

Older Municipal Codes

For those researchers who seek older, superseded versions of municipal codes, the research process becomes slightly more complicated.  Old versions of municipal codes may be found in multiple locations. First, we suggest focusing your search in the geographical area in which the municipality is located, as institutions in that area are more likely to have the documents you seek. Thus, you may want to start your search at the local public library for the municipality, and/or an academic, governmental, or other public law library in the municipality’s state. Some researchers have also found success contacting the municipality’s clerk’s office, as well as the official archives for the municipality’s state.

Further, you can use a catalog that pulls from a broader collection or set of collections, such as the Library of Congress or WorldCat catalogs. To perform a more targeted search, simply use the subject heading “Ordinances, municipal” in connection with the name of the municipality you are researching.

Resources Referenced