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Anthologies of Musical Works from the 15th-17th Centuries in the Library of Congress Music Division

Anthologies Bibliography

This Research Guide, Anthologies of Musical Works in Print and Manuscript from the 15th-17th Centuries in the Library of Congress Music Division, serves as a supplement to a large annotated bibliography under the same title.

The Music Division’s collection of pre-1700 anthologies, individually itemized in the accompanying bibliography, comprises:

  • 306 individual imprints or manuscripts
  • an estimated 1,000 individual composers
  • an estimated 90 publishers
  • over 12,000 individual compositions
  • one anthology in manuscript dating from the 15th century; 80 volumes created/ published in the 16th century; and, 225 items dating from the 17th century

This bibliography also includes:

  • Composer Index: coordinates the contents from the 306 featured anthologies with all composer attributions via relevant RISM numbers
  • Appendix A: a short title index of published works arranged by publisher
  • Appendix B: a second short title index featuring works in manuscript roughly sorted by genre
  • Key Sources: materials consulted while researching and compiling this work, listed at the end of the document