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Music for Silent Film: A Guide to Resources at the Library of Congress

Copyright Registrations

The U.S. Copyright Office is located in the Library of Congress, and historically, copyright registrations have provided a rich source of acquisitions for the Music Division's collections. The vast majority of the Music Division's silent film scores were acquired through copyright submission and have been cataloged and digitized. Other scores used to accompany silent film - including new scores for modern-day silent film accompaniment - may remain organized by copyright registration number and housed off-site.

Copyright Registration Resources

Find and request television scores stored off-site by submitting the item’s copyright registration information to us through Ask-A-Librarian. Locate registration records using the following sources.

Find records for items registered for copyright before 1978 using several methods:

To request an item for retrieval, you need the following information:

  • Title of item
  • Copyright registration number
  • Year submitted for copyright
  • Author / creator / claimant name