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National Recovery Administration (NRA) and the New Deal: A Resource Guide

NRA Work Materials

The National Recovery Administration Work Materials are explanations of the different aspects of code legislation. Some include historical code information, statistics, results of studies, etc. The following title links to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. A link to digitized versions are also provided.

The following table provides an index to the contents of each volume of the National Recovery Administration Work Materials.

Book 1 No. 1 Anti-Trust Laws & Unfair Competition 7/18/1935
No. 2 Summary of Analysis of Trade Practice Provisions in NRA Codes 7/20/1935
No. 3 Financial & Labor Data on the Women's Neckwear/Scarf Industry Mar-36
No. 4 Economic/Social Implications of Company Store & Scrip System Mar-36
No. 5 Report on Wage Differentials in the Cap & Cloth Hat Industry Mar-36
No. 6 Report on Wages & Hours in the Fur Manufacturing Industry Mar-36
No. 7 Statistical Background of the National Recovery Administration Mar-36
Book 2 No. 8 National Labor Income by Month (1929-1935) Mar-36
Book 3 No. 9 Wages & Hours in American Industry (Volumes 1-2) Mar-36
Book 4 No. 9 Wages & Hours in American Industry (Volume 3)
Book 5 No. 10 Report of Commission for the Coat & Suit Industry
No. 11 A Case in Code Authority Information Gathering
No. 12 Employment, Payrolls, Hours & Wages in 115 Code Industries (1933-1935)
Book 6 No. 13 Classification of Approved Codes in Industry Groups
Book 7 No. 14 Cases on Intrastate Activities Affecting Interstate Commerce
Book 8 No.15 Production, Prices, Employment, Payrolls in Industry, Agriculture, and Railway Transportation (Jan. 1923 to date) Nov-35
No. 16 Resale Price Maintenance Legislation in the U.S. Nov-35
No. 17 Tentative Outlines & Summaries of Studies in Process Dec-35
-- Part A Industry Studies
-- Part B Labor Studies
-- Part C Trade Practice Studies
-- Part D Administrative Studies
-- Part E Legal Studies
-- Part F Contributory Materials
Book 9 No. 18 Contents of Code Histories Dec-35
No. 19 History of the Review Division (Feb. 8, 1934- June 16, 1935) Dec-35
No. 20 Policy Statements Concerning Code Provisions Dec-35
No. 21 Possibility of Variations in Tariff Rates to Secure Proper Standards of Wages and Hours Dec-35
No. 22 NRA Insignia Feb-36
No. 23 Right of Employees to Enforce Provisions of Collective Bargaining Agreements Dec-35
No. 24 The Treaty Making Power of the United States Dec-35
Book 10 No. 25 Federal Reg. through Joint Employment of Power of Taxation & Spending Jan-36
No. 26 Possibility of Gov't Contract Provisions as Means of Establishing Economic Standards Jan-36
No. 27 Extra Judicial Methods of Enforcement Jan-36
No. 28 Textile Industry in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Feb-36
No. 29 State Recovery Legislation in Aid of Federal Recovery Legislation- History and Analysis Jan-36
No. 30 Substitutions in Connection with the President's Reemployment Agreement Jan-36
Book 11 No. 31 Fishery Industry & Codes (Including Appendix of Earnings) Jan-36
No. 32 Foreign Trade Study of the Forest Products Industries Feb-36
No. 33 The Basic Code (Administrative Order No. X-61) Feb-36
No. 34 The Motion Picture Industry Feb-36
Book 12 No. 35 Executive & Administrative Orders Feb-36
-- Part A Exec. & Admin. Orders
-- Part B Labor Provisions in the Codes
Book 13 No. 35 Executive & Administrative Orders Feb-36
-- Part C Trade Practice Provisions in the Codes
-- Part D Administrative Provisions in the Codes
-- Part E Agreements Under Sections 4(a) & 7(b)
-- Part F A Type Case: The Cotton Textile Code
Book 14 No. 36 The So-Called Model Code: Development & Modification Mar-36
Book 15 No. 37 Foreign Trade Under the National Industrial Recovery Act (Volumes 1-2) Mar-36
Book 16 No. 38 Information Concerning Commodities: NRA & Related Experience in Control
-- Part A Misrepresentation & Deception
-- Part B Standards & Labeling
Book 17 No. 39 Administrative Problems with Code Definition Overlap, Multiple Code Coverage, Classifying of Individual Members Mar-36
No. 40 Prison Labor Problem Under NRA & the Prison Compact Feb-36
No. 41 The Rubber Industry Study Feb-36
No. 42 Study of Natural Areas of Trade in U.S. & Methodology Guide Feb-36
No. 43 Legal Aspects of Labor Problems: Minimum Wages Feb-36
No. 44 Some Aspects of the Women's Apparel Industry Mar-36
Book 18 No. 45 The Labor Program Under the NIRA
-- Part A Introduction
-- Part B Control of Hours & Reemployment
Book 19 No. 45 The Labor Program Under the NIRA
-- Part C Control of Wages
Book 20 No. 45 The Labor Program Under the NIRA
-- Part D Control of Other Conditions of Employment
Book 21 No. 45 The Labor Program Under the NIRA
-- Part E Section 7(a) of the Recovery Act
No. 46 Code Authorities of the NIRA
-- Part A Introduction
-- Part B Nature/Composition/Organization of Code Authorities
-- Part C Activities of Code Authorities (omitted)
-- Part D Code Authority Finances
Book 22 No. 47 Average Weekly/Hourly Earnings in Mfg Industries by States Feb-36
No. 48 Legal Aspects of Price Control Feb-36
No. 49 Relationship of NRA to Government Contracts (Including those using government funds) Mar-36
No. 50 Agreements Under Section 4(a) & 7(b) of NIRA Mar-36
Book 23 No. 51 Code Making Program of the NRA in the Territories Mar-36
No. 52 Design Piracy (Problem & Treatments Under NRA Codes) Mar-36
No. 53 The Millinery Industry Mar-36
No. 54 Trade Practice Conference Rules of Federal Trade Commission (1919-1936) Mar-36
No. 55 Price Control in the Coffee Industry Mar-36
Book 24 No. 58 Men's Clothing Industry
No. 59 Sheltered Workshops Under the NRA
No. 60 Regulation of Industrial Relations in Australia
Book 25 No. 61 Code Compliance Activities of the NRA
Book 26 No. 62 Manufacturer's Control of Distribution: A Study of Trade Practice Provisions
Book 27 No. 63 Fertilizer Industry Study
Book 28 No. 64 Production & Capacity Control in the Ice Industry
Book 29 No. 65 Operation of the Basing Point Provisions in the Lime Industry Codes
No. 66 Case Studies in Production Control
Book 30 No. 67 Fertilizer Industry Price Filing Study
No. 68 Two Studies of Constitutional Powers as Possible Bases for Federal Regulation of Employee/Employer Relationships
-- Part A War Power & Child Labor
-- Part B Post Offices & Post Road Power
No. 69 Economic Survey of the Bituminous Coal Industry Under Free Competition
Book 31 No. 70 History of the Code for Shipbuilding & Ship Repairing Industry
Book 32 No. 71 History of the Code for the Ladies' Handbag Industry
Book 33 No. 72 Digest of Child Labor Laws of the United States
No. 73 Administrative Interpretations of NRA Codes
No. 74 Administrative & Legal Aspects of: Stays, Exemptions & Exceptions, Code Amendments, Conditional Orders of Approval
No. 75 History of General Exemptions
Book 34 No. 76 Price Filing Under NRA Codes: Volumes 1 & 2
Book 35 No. 77 Study of Electrical Manufacturing Industry
Book 36 No. 78 Study of Open Price Filing in the Electrical Manufacturing Industry: Vol 1 & 2
Book 37 No. 79 Economic Problems of the Lumber & Timber Products Industry
No. 80 The Knitting Industries
Book 38 No. 81 Administrative Law & Procedure Under NRA
No. 82 The President's Reemployment Agreement
Book 39 No. 83 An Analysis of the PRA Census
No. 84 The NRA Code Label
No. 85 History of the Compliance Division
Book 40 No. 86 Control of Geographic Price Relations Under Codes of Fair Competition
No. 87 The Tobacco Study