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Navajo Code Talkers: A Guide to First-Person Narratives in the Veterans History Project

Brief biographies of the Navajo Code Talkers in the Veterans History Project's archives, together with video and audio recordings of their oral history interviews.

Code Talker Profiles

The navigation menu here lists all of the Navajo Code Talkers who are represented in the collections of the Veterans History Project. Each individual veteran's page includes their oral history interview as well as a brief biography. Also included are links to their collection pages, as well as other online and print resources about them.

The Code Talkers were present at every major battle in the Pacific Theater of World War II from Guadalcanal in late 1942 through Okinawa in March-July 1945. The photographs and art work displayed below depict scenes from the Pacific Theater, and come from other collections within the Veterans History Project and from the Prints & Photographs Division.

Photographs and Art Work from around the Library of Congress