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The National Broadcasting Company at the Library of Congress

NBC Television Collections

"Who would have thought that one day we'd have a motion-picture theater right in our own home? You can just pull up the chairs, put your popcorn on the side, and there you are. It's amazing. I love it. And I'm fortunate to be part of the action."

Bob Hope, "Foreword," The Golden Years of Broadcasting: A Celebration of the First 50 Years of Radio and TV on NBC

NBC television broadcasts are held by the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center at the Library of Congress. It also has non-television materials that aid in researching NBC television broadcasts. These materials and the television broadcasts are available for research in the Moving Image Research Center.

Now Online From the National Screening Room

Learn about research conducted by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) that led to the development of television, as well as NBC's involvement in the early days of television broadcasting, in this short film from 1956. This film is available online in the “National Screening Room” digital collection.