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Original or Reprint? A Guide to Noteworthy Newspaper Issues

Pennsylvania Gazette (Philadelphia)

December 24, 1728

The December 24, 1728 issue of the Pennsylvania Gazette is "Numb. I." of the second newspaper to be published in Philadelphia. Published by Samuel Keimer, the full title was The Universal Instructor in all Arts and Sciences: and Pennsylvania Gazette. On October 2, 1729, when Benjamin Franklin and Hugh Meredith became the publishers, the title was shortened to The Pennsylvania Gazette.

Reprints are on heavy, modern rag paper showing a ribbed effect against the light. Such reprints have little monetary value.

Source: Information Circular 14 (Revised 1955).

Library Holdings

Only three copies of the original issue are known to exist. They are in the following: the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), the Library Company of Philadelphia, and the Wisconsin State Historical Society (Madison). The Library of Congress has a facsimile but no original of this issue.