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Original or Reprint? A Guide to Noteworthy Newspaper Issues

Gazette of the United-States (New York)

May 2, 1789

Gazette of the United-States (New-York, NY), May 2, 1789. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Serial & Government Publications Division, Library of Congress.

The issue of the Gazette of the United-States from May 2, 1789, in the style of its period carries the date line, "From Wednesday, April 29, to Saturday, May 2, 1789." This newspaper has an account of Washington's first inauguration on Thursday, April 30, 1789, and for this reason it has been reprinted several times.

The reprints:

  • Are a true facsimile, but printed on wood pulp paper.
  • Are on poor paper having on page 1:
    • In center, a portrait of Washington;
    • On right margin, "Gen. Geo. Washington's Inauguration, Our First President, 1789";
    • Below title, "Copyright by Back Number Budd, 1280 Broadway, N.Y."
  • Another, probably from the same plates as the aforementioned reprint containing the portrait of George Washington, but without the copyright notice, has on the left margin of the first page, "For Sale at Back Number Budd's, 1280 Broadway, M. A. Burr's, 74 Allan Street, and all Newsdealers."
  • Another reprint was reported found in the Chicago Times of April 30, 1889; this reprint is not in the Library of Congress collections.

Source: Information Circular 6 (Revised 1957).

Library Holdings

The Library of Congress has an original issue and three different reprints (online catalog record). The original is on rag paper showing chain line watermarks one inch apart. Copies about which the Library of Congress has been consulted have always proven to be reprints. Their monetary value is very small.