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USS Oneida Disaster

USS Oneida Memorials

The Oneida disaster! 1870. Library of Congress.

Near the waters where they were lost, three memorials remember the crew of the USS Oneida.

The most recent and prominent of these is the USS Oneida International Peace Memorial in Kosano Park at the Yokosuka Naval Base, south of Tokyo, Japan. The older tributes, both of which mark burial sites for the remains of recovered sailors, are located at the Ikegami Temple in Tokyo, and the Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery in Yokohama.

See the USS Oneida Roster section of this guide for individual burials and cenotaphs.

USS Oneida International Peace Memorial | Kosano Park, Yokosuka Naval Base

USS Oneida Memorial | Ikegami Temple, Tokyo

USS Oneida Memorial | Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery