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Ottoman Turkish Collections in the Library of Congress

Ottoman Manuscripts

The Library houses 58 cataloged Ottoman Turkish manuscripts in its Near East rare collections that range in age from Yazcioglu Mehmed's Muhammediyye (1583) and Zakariya Qazwini's Ajaib al-Makhluqat (The wonders of creation) also from the sixteenth century (1553) to the early twentieth century.

Zekeriya Kazvini, Acaib-ül Mahlûkat,The Wonders of Creation, Trans. into Turkish from Arabic, ca. 1553.

The manuscript contains many illustrations and the one seen here depicts a map, oriented to the south, with an angel holding a bowl of water that contains a fish on whose back is the globe-bearing ox. Near East Section, Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Division.

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Ottoman Rare Manuscripts