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Peter the Great: Primary and Secondary Resources at the Library of Congress

Secondary Sources

Golikov, Ivan Ivanovich, author.Di︠e︡i︠a︡nīi︠a︡ Petra Velikago, mudrago preobraziteli︠a︡ Rossīi, sobrannyi︠a︡ izʺ dostovi︠e︡rnykhʺ istochnikovʺ i raspolozhennyi︠a︡ po godamʺ. 1788-1789. Library of Congress Rare Book & Special Collections

Peter the Great has fascinated generations of historians both in Russia and abroad. Dozens of monographs have been dedicated to the study of his life and achievements. In Russia, historians such as Ivan Golikov (1735-1801), Sergei Solov'ev (1820-1879), Vasilii Kliuchevskii (1844-1911), Mikhail Bogoslovskii (1867-1929), Nikolai Pavlenko (1916-2016) and Evgenii Anisimov (1947-) have all produced significant works of scholarship on Peter the Great, often devoting their lives to researching the emperor. Outside of Russia, historians James Cracraft (1930-), Lindsey Hughes (1949-2007), Paul Bushkovitch (1948-) and Reinhard Wittram (1902-1973) have also written authoritative works on the topic.

Major works of scholarship on Peter the Great are listed in the table below, grouped by language. As not every book has been translated, each section might contain unique materials not available in another language (when an item is available in another language, it will be noted in its description).

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