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Peter the Great: Primary and Secondary Resources at the Library of Congress

Peter the Great in Literature

Peter the Great has become a prominent cultural symbol in Russia, representing change, Europeanization and strong leadership. This is reflected in the numerous portrayals of Peter the Great in works of fiction, including historical novels, plays and poetry. From Aleksandr Pushkin's 1837 poem "The Bronze Horseman" to Aleksei Tolstoi's 1936 novel "Peter the First," Peter the Great has captivated generations of Russian and Soviet writers. An overview of how Peter the Great has been portrayed in Russian historical fiction can be found in the following work:

The list below describes major works of fiction featuring Peter the Great. The list is not exhaustive and focuses primarily on works of prose rather than poetry. The items are organized by language. As not every work has been translated, each section might contain unique materials not available in another language (when an item is available in another language, it will be noted in its description).

To find more works of literature related to Peter the Great, use the following subject heading as a search term in the Library of Congress Online Catalog:

The following titles link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to additional online content are included when available. The titles are listed alphabetically by author's last name.