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Policing in America: A Resource Guide

The field of contemporary law enforcement spans a wide variety of subjects including administration, misconduct, racial bias, community relations, and more. This guide provides access to useful print and online resources when researching these topics.


While serving federal, state, and local governments, police officers in the United States are responsible for maintaining public safety, crime prevention and detection, and enforcing laws. Policing concerns many complex topics, such as evidence-based and community-oriented practices, police misconduct, use of force, leadership, and accountability. This guide provides links to books, data, statistics, and electronic resources regarding a variety of issues in contemporary American policing, including police administration, police misconduct, police brutality, racial bias, militarization, police-community relations, oversight, and training.

Carol M. Highsmith, photographer. Police near the White House at the Juneteenth Celebration. 2020-06-19. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.