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Popular Sheet Music for Voice and Piano: A Guide to Resources at the Library of Congress

Copyright Registrations

The U.S. Copyright Office is located in the Library of Congress, and historically, copyright registrations have provided a rich source of acquisitions for the Music Division's collections.

Many pieces of popular sheet music for voice and piano submitted for copyright registration have been classified and stored in the Music Division's on-site stacks. Many more pieces of popular sheet music for voice and piano are not yet classed; they are housed offsite and organized by their copyright registration number.

Copyright registrations for published materials from the years 1929-1956 were either kept by the Music Division or sent back to the creator. If a piece of published popular sheet music for voice and piano from 1929-1956 is not onsite, then it will not be located offsite using copyright registration information.

Locating copyright registration information can be difficult and tricky to navigate. Contact us through Ask A Librarian if you have trouble locating registration information for a specific piece of popular sheet music for voice and piano.

Search Copyright Registrations

Depending on when an item was published and registered with the Copyright Office, there are different strategies for discovering its copyright registration information.

Contact us through Ask-A-Librarian to request materials. Provide the following information when placing a request for retrieval of a piece of sheet music for voice and piano.

  • Title of item
  • Copyright registration number
  • Year submitted for copyright
  • Author / creator / claimant name