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Presidential Food: A Resource Guide

Food at the White House: General Works

Books and articles listed in this section focus on food and dining at the White House over various time periods. They range from general overviews and histories to works on specific topics such as the preparation of the menu for the Prince of Wales Dinner in 2005, White House gingerbread displays, and presidential cookies.  Also included is a section on selected White House histories, which often touch on aspects of presidential food.

The following materials include links to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to digital content are included when available.

Food and Dining in the White House

The following articles focus on the topic of White House chefs. To locate articles online, there are many subscription databases that can be helpful. All databases available at the Library of Congress can be located and and accessed via our Eresources Online Catalog.

  • "A special issue devoted to the story of White House hospitality from the perspective of the social secretary." White House History, no. 49, Spring 2018
  • Bullock, Helen Duprey. "Dining with the presidents". The American Home, Nov. 1964, v. 67:58-74
  • Carpenter, Frank J. "The Presidents as Gastronomers". Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine,Dec. 1886. v. 38: p. 671
    Also available online from Hathi Trust External
  • Deutsch, James. "Pomp, Protocol, and Monarchical Manners: State Dinners at the White House." Journal of American Culture, Vol. 33, Iss. 1, Mar 2010: 52-59
  • Fawcett, Waldon. "The White House Kitchen." American Kitchen Magazine, v. 16, Mar. 1902: 207-210
    Also available online from Hathi Trust External
  • Schmitt, Catherine. "How the Presidents Ate Their Salmon." Gastronomica , Vol. 13, No. 4 (Winter 2013), pp. 1-9
  • White House Kitchens and Cooking:
    Telerick, Lydia Barker. "Kitchen Past: thoughts on open hearth cooking for the Presidents.
    Ross, Alice. "A Look at the White House Kitchens."
    Mesnier, Roland. "My White House Years".
    Comerford, Christeta. "Preparation of the Menu for the Prince of Wales Dinner in 2005"
    Allman, William G. "A Bit of Architectural History Comes in from the Cold."
    Shanks, Daniel. "White House Wines."
    Haber, Barbara. "Home Cooking in the White House."
    White House History, no. 20, Spring 2007

Selected White House Histories