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Pulp Fiction Magazines


The Serial & Government Publications Division holds a collection of pulp fiction magazines on microfilm, original print magazine covers, and pulp magazine reproductions.

Use the list of microfilmed titles below to search the Library of Congress Online Catalog; searching by title will retrieve catalog records that indicate the date ranges of issues that are available as well as the title's call number.

Request microfilm in the Newspaper & Current Periodical Reading Room (LM-133) by filling out a paper call slip indicating the title, date(s), and call number. Consult reference staff regarding access to the original print pulp magazine covers and pulp magazine reproductions.

Ace G-Man Stories

Ace-High Magazine

Ace-High Western Magazine

Ace-High Western Stories

Ace Sports


Action Novels

Action Stories

Air Adventures

Air Stories

Air War

Air Wonder Stories


All-American Football Magazine

All-Detective Magazine


All-Fiction Quarterly

All-Star Detective Stories

All-Star Love Magazine

All-Story Western

All Western

All Western Magazine

The American Eagle

Ardent Love

Army/Navy Flying Stories

Astonishing Stories

Baseball Stories

Battle Birds

Best Detective Magazine

Best Sports

Best Stories of All Times

Best Western

Best Western Magazine 

Best Western Novels Magazine

Big-Book Western Magazine

Big Story Magazine

The Blue Moon

Blue Ribbon Western

pief Stories

Captain Future--Wizard of Science

Cavalier Classics

Champion Sports

College Stories

Complete Adventure Novelettes

Complete Cowboy Novel Magazine

Complete Detective Novel Magazine

Complete Love Magazine

Complete Mystery Novelettes

Complete Sports

Complete Western Book Magazine

Complete Western Love Novelettes

Cowboy Stories

Crack Detective and Mystery Stories

Crack-Shot Western

Danger Trail

Dare-Devil Aces

Detective Action Stories

Detective Book Magazine

Detective Classics

Detective Dragnet Magazine

Detective Mystery Novel Magazine

Detective Novel Magazine

Detective Tales

Dime Detective Magazine

Dime Mystery Magazine

Dime Sports Magazine

Dime Western Magazine

Double Action Western

The Dragnet Magazine

Droll Stories

Dynamic Adventures

Dynamic Science Fiction

Eagles of the Air

Exciting Baseball

Exciting Football

Exciting Love

Exciting Sports

Exciting Western

Famous Detective Stories

Famous Western

Fantastic Adventures

Fantastic Novels Magazine

Fantastic Story Quarterly

Far West Illustrated Magazine

Far West Stories

Fast Action Detective and Mystery Stories

F.B.I. Detective Stories

Fifteen Love Stories

Fifteen Sports Stories

Fifteen Western Tales

Fight Stories

Fighting Aces

Fighting Western

Film Stories

Five Detective Novels Magazine

Five Western Novels

Five Western Novels Magazine

Flynn's Detective

Flynn's Weekly

Football Action

Football Stories

Foreign Legion Adventures

.44 Western Magazine

Frontier Stories

Future Combined with Science Fiction

Future Fiction

Future Science Fiction Stories

G-8 and His Battle Aces


Gang World

Gangland Stories

Gangster Stories

Ghost Stories

Giant Western

Glamorous Love Stories

Golden Fleece Historical Adventure

Golden West

The Golden West Magazine

Golden West Romances

Greater Gangster Stories

High Spot Magazine

Hollywood Detective

Horror Stories

How 7

Indian Stories

Jack Dempsey's Fight Magazine

Jungle Stories (August - December 1931)

Jungle Stories (Winter 1938 - Spring 1954)

Knockout Magazine

The Lariat


Leading Western

Lively Stories

The Lone Eagle Fighting Ace

Lone Ranger Magazine

Lone Wolf Detective Magazine

Long Riders of the West Mavericks

Love Book Magazine

Love Fiction Magazine

Love Fiction Monthly

Love Novels Magazine

Love Romances

Mammoth Mystery

Mammoth Western

Man Stories All Adventure

Marriage Confessions

Masked Rider Western Magazine


Max Brand's Western Magazine

Movie Love

Mystery Book Magazine

Mystery League

Mystery Novels Magazine

Navy Stories

New Detective Magazine

New Love Magazine

New Sports Magazine

New Western Magazine (Kokomo, IN)

New Western Magazine (New York, NY)

North-West Romances


Oriental Stories

Outlaws of the West

Over the Top


People's Story Magazine

The Phantom Detective

Pioneer Tales

Planet Stories

Popular Detective

Popular Fiction Magazine

Popular Football

Popular Love

Popular Sports Magazine

Popular Western

Prison Stories

Private Detective Stories

Public Enemy

Quick Trigger Western

RAF Aces

Racketeer Stories

Ranch Romances

Range Riders

Rangeland Love Stories (New York, NY)

Rangeland Love Stories (Kokomo, IN)

Rangeland Love Story Magazine

Rangeland Romances

Rangeland Stories

Rapid-Fire Detective Stories

Rapid-Fire Western Stories

Real Life Stories

Real Western

Real Western Romances

Real Western Stories

Red Seal Western

The Rio Kid Western

Rodeo Romances


Romance Round-up

Romance Western

Romance Western Roundup

Romantic Western

Scientific Detective Monthly

Scotland Yard

Sea Stories

Secret Agent X Detective Mysteries

The Secret 6

Six-Gun Western

Sky Aces

Sky Birds

Sky Fighters

*Sky Riders (Still no film number as of Mar 2008.)

Smashing Detective Stories

Soldiers of Fortune

Speed Adventure Stories

Speed Detective

Speed Mystery

Speed Western Stories

The Spider

Sports Action

Sports Novels Magazine

Spy Novels Magazine

Spy Stories 

Star Magazine

Star Novels

Star Western

*Startling Stories (Still no film number as of March 2008.)

The Story-Teller

Strange Detective Mysteries

Strange Stories

Street & Smith's College Stories

Street & Smith's Far West Romances

Street & Smith's Far West Stories


Super Science Stories

Sure-Fire Western

Sweetheart Love Stories

Sweetheart Stories

Ten Detective Aces

10-Story Detective Magazine

Ten-Story Love Magazine

Ten-Story Sports

Terror Tales

Texas Rangers

Three Love Novels Magazine

Three Star Magazine

Three Star Stories

Three Western Novel Magazines

Thrilling Adventures

Thrilling Detective

Thrilling Football

Thrilling Love

Thrilling Mystery

Thrilling Mystery Novel Magazine

Thrilling Ranch Stories

Thrilling Sports

Thrilling Western

Thrilling Wonder Stories (is being turned into a facsimile edition (12/12))

Triple Detective

Triple Western

Triple-X Magazine

Triple-X Western

True Adventures

12 Sports Aces

Two-Book Detective Magazine

Two Complete Detective Books

2 Complete Science Adventure Books

2 Detective Mystery Novels Magazine

Two Gun Stories

Two-Gun Western

Two-Gun Western Novels Magazine

Two Gun Western Stories

Two Western-Action Books

Two Western Books

Under Fire Magazine

Variety Detective Magazine

Variety Love Stories

Variety Story Magazine

Walt Coburn's Western Magazine

War Aces

War Birds

War Novels

War Stories

War Stories Magazine


Western Aces

Western Action

Western Adventures

Western Novels and Short Stories

Western Outlaws

Western Romances

Western Short Stories

Western Trails

Western Winners

Wide World Adventures

Wild West Stories & Complete Novel Magazine


Wit of the World

Wonder Stories

Wonder Stories Quarterly