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Racial Massacres and the Red Summer of 1919: A Resource Guide

Recorded Sound

The Recorded Sound Section has a recording related to the Rosewood Massacre that can be discovered through the Library of Congress Online Catalog. The recording below is linked to the full bibliographic information in the Library's online catalog.

Listening Appointments and Requests

Appointments are required for listening to most of the material in the Recorded Sound Research Center. Recordings do not circulate. Listeners can telephone the Research Center at (202) 707-7833 or submit an email request through [email protected].

Requests to listen to materials are submitted to our reference librarians. Be sure to include the name and title of the items requested, the call numbers (e.g. RWD 3214; LWO 5599 gr12 r2a1-3b, NCPB 5434, Decca 12-1401), and your personal contact information so we can confirm your appointment. Our engineers can typically prepare 8 items for a listening session. Please contact the Research Center if you have a longer list of items.