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Railroads: Sources for Historical Research


This section is devoted to some of the publications of general news and current events for the industry. Also included are publications produced by some of the various unions whose members were employed by the railroads in various capacities. Most of the sources focus on the United States but a few international titles are included because they do have news from the United States.

Due to the sheer variety, I have not included many sources that may be of interest primarily to those studying more narrowly focused aspects of the railroad industry. Not included are journals from the various railroad lines like the Norfolk and Western Magazine, Baltimore and Ohio Magazine, and the Erie Railroad Magazine. To find others like this search the catalog using the company's name. It might be of interest to look at an article published in the Spring 1988 issue of Railroad History Bulletin (No. 158 pp. 185-228) written by George M. Jenks "Railroad Serials: A World List of Current Journals, Magazines, and Annuals" which provides a comprehensive list of many railroad publications.

Also not included are official proceedings of various clubs like The New York Railroad Club or the proceedings from the New England Railroad Club. Many of these publications can be found by searching our online catalog. It may be that more general commercial publications may also yield some interesting articles and provide a more targeted perspective - see our Early Business Periodicals guide for relevant titles. It is also important to search in the major publication like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. For example, in the January 10, 1909 the New York Times published "History of the Railway Year of 1908" and on June 27, 1909 it published "The men who control the nation's railways" while the Wall Street Journal published "Largest stockholders in the Leading railroad systems" on January 13, 1909.

The following materials link to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to digital content are provided when available.