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Real Estate Industry: A Resource Guide

Fair Housing

The Fair Housing Act of 1968, introduced federal enforcement mechanisms to outlaw discrimination by refusing to sell or rent a dwelling based race, color, religion, or national origin. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development is the executive department responsible for administering enforcement of the Act.

Selected Print Materials

The General Collections of the Library of Congress are rich in print materials on the of real estate research. The following list of materials focus on fair housing. The books listed below link to fuller bibliographic information for each item in the Library of Congress Online Catalog.

Associations and Organizations

The following list of external websites includes both U.S. and overseas associations and organizations involved in the real estate field.

University of Richmond Digital Scholarship Lab

The information displayed on the University of Richmond Digital Scholarship Lab site assists users in understanding housing inequalities that developed as a result of redlining in the New Deal and the displacement of families during Urban Renewal. These programs continue to impact urban neighborhoods and affect current economic conditions of cities. Users can interact with these resources by viewing various cities, selecting different neighborhoods within those cities, and filtering further. The site provides instructions on viewing the materials and downloading the images. This unique site provides information only found using resources housed in multiple locations.

Government Agencies and Organizations

Real Estate, mortgages, and fair housing are heavily regulated on the local, regional, and federal level. The following government websites can enhance your research on these topics.

Statistical Information and Reports

The following external websites, statistical information, and reports provide information on demographics, statistics, and other data related to the U.S. real estate industry.