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Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America: Library and Archive

Introductory Information

Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America: Library and Archive External

Address: 1400 Quincy Street NE, Washington, DC 20017

Telephone number: 202-734-3866

Contact information: Karen L. Levenback, M.A., M.S.L.S., Ph.D. [email protected]

Online catalog: onsite access only

Access Policies

Hours of service: By appointment

Open to the public: By appointment

Interlibrary loan: No

Reference policy: Reference requests accepted by email.

Background note:
The Library was established in 1900 for the use of the members of the Franciscan Community.


Books and monographs
The collection holds approximately 25,000 monographs with an emphasis on the Franciscan Order, Christian philosophy, Christian theology, and Marian studies. Other highlights include works on the Middle East and the ministry of the Franciscans there. Most books were published in the 19th and 20th centuries; several in our archive were published earlier.

Periodicals and newspapers
The collection holds 15 periodical subscriptions reflecting the emphases of the monograph collection.

Subject Headings

Antiquities; Catholic Church; Catholic theology; Christian philosophy; Dominicans; Franciscans; Holy Land; Marian studies; Missions and missionaries