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Religion Collections in Libraries and Archives: Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia

Liberty University: Jerry Falwell Library and Archives & Special Collections

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Liberty University: Jerry Falwell Library

Liberty University: Archives & Special Collections

Address: 1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg, VA 24502

Telephone number: 434-582-2220

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Open to the public: Yes

Interlibrary loan: Yes.
Interlibrary Loan of physical materials in the University's General Collection is available to any library in the United States. Interlibrary loan of electronic resources is available to any library to the extent allowed by product licensing agreements. Interlibrary Loan of physical materials in the Archives & Special Collections is not allowed, and digital scans of physical archival materials is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Electronic archival materials are available to the public online at

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Books and monographs
The University's main collection includes a wide range of items in the field of religion, which can be searched on the library's website.

Periodicals and newspapers
The library provides access to content from thousands of religious and theological periodicals, mostly in electronic form. A listing of religion journals to which the library subscribes can be found here.

Archives, manuscripts, correspondences, and/or oral histories
The archives collection preserves the history of Liberty University, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Jerry Falwell Sr. ministries, and Baptist traditions in general by gathering, organizing, preserving, and providing access to relevant materials of enduring value. Digital collections include the Conservative Caucus, Falwell Family Papers, Falwell Ministries, Liberty University history, Moral Majority, Thomas Road Baptist Church, and the personal papers of Dr. Lawrence Cranberg. Religious-themed special collections include Christian fiction, hymnal collection, personal library of Grant R. Jeffrey, and a Sunday School Collection. The materials are available to scholars and other interested parties via traditional or electronic access options as the material formats allow. More information about the Archives & Special Collections can be found at Those interested in the history of Jerry Falwell Sr. or his writings may also wish to explore the Jerry Falwell Museum.

A historically significant religious painting is installed in the Caudell Reading Room of the Jerry Falwell Library. Completed in 1906, the painting, St. John the Baptist, is a master copy by Paul Geissler, 1881-1965, of an original painting by Pompeo Girolamo Battoni (Batoni), 1728-1787. This painting is historically significant because it is believed to be the only surviving copy of the original master work by Battoni. The original painting by Battoni was part of the collection in the Kunstasammlungen in Dresden, Germany. The Nazis confiscated the painting and 153 other pieces of art near the end of World War II and temporarily stored the paintings in two railroad cars while awaiting transit. On February 13, 1945, Allied bombers attacked the city, dropping firebombs which demolished the enemy target and destroyed all 154 works of art.

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Liberty University; Religious right; Moral Majority, Inc.; Old Time Gospel Hour (Television program); Fundamentalism; Evangelicalism; Evangelistic work; Baptists; Thomas Road Baptist Church (Lynchburg, Va.); Television in religion; Virginia; Lynchburg; Baptist Church; United States;History; Falwell, Jerry, 1933-2007