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Ask a Librarian, Authorship, and other Reusable Boxes for Library of Congress Guides

Template box for adding authorship to a guide.


Each Library of Congress research guide must include an authorship box on the guide's home page.  Add the box to the bottom of the left column, directly below the "Ask a Librarian" box. The reusable box is located at the bottom of the left column on this page and is called "Author(s)".

There should be at least one author, but each guide can have multiple authors and may have one or more editors listed. In addition, you should include any provenance for the guide, including original authorship, in the "Note" area.

Make a Copy of the Box

When you reuse the box, be sure to make a copy so that you can add the specific credits for your guide.  Once you have added the box, click on the "edit box" icon and check the Floating box option to display the box without borders, padding or box title.