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Rockhill Tibetan Collection of Rare Materials at the Library of Congress

Rockhill Mongolian Collection

Rare Materials Notice: all of the materials covered in this guide are part of the Mongolian and Tibetan rare book collections and are only accessible in the Asian Reading Room by advance appointment. To schedule an appointment, please contact our reference staff via the Ask-a-Librarian service.

The third part of Rockhill collection includes the three Mongolian titles donated by William Rockhill. Each item has both its Mongolian and Tibetan title. They have been numbered M1, M2, and M3 in this list, and were previously identified only by the “Div. O” acquisition note in parenthesis.

The White Lotus of Great Compassion. Pad ma dkar po. Rockhill M1. Library of Congress Asian Division.
  1. M1. (Div. O, ex-Div. MSs.) Qutug tu yeke nigulsesugci cagan lingqu a nere tu yeke kolgen sudur orosiba / ‘Phags pa snying rje chen po’i pad ma dkar po zhes bya ba thegs pa chen po’i mdo.
    137 folios. 20 ½ x 6 ½ . Xylograph, folios 1 v. and 2 r. printed in red.
    *Mahakaruna pundarika Sutra”
  2. M2. (Div. O, ex-Div. MSs.) Qutug tu yekede tonilgagci qamug jug ud tur delgeregsen gasiyudan gemsikui ber kilince yi arilgaju burgan bolgan butege kui e sayitur jokiyagsan neretu yeke kolgen sudur. / ‘Phags pa thar pa chen po’i mdo.
    108 folios. 20 x 8 5/16. Ms. Written in red and black ink on thin cardboard. Divided into three chapters, f. 1 of each has 2 miniature paintings, cover and back of each chapter covered with old brocade.
    *Sutra of the Great Liberation.
  3. M3. (Div. O, ex.-Div. MSs.) Gegen toli orosiba / Rgyal rabs gsal ba’i me long.
    144 (or 147) folios. 21 ½ x 7 1/8. Ms. On thin cardboard.
    *Historical work by Sa kya pa Bsod nams rgyal mtshan, 14th c.