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Russia and its Empire in Eurasia: Cartographic Resources in the Library of Congress


Most maps and atlases illustrating climate and weather in Russia and the former Soviet Union have been cataloged, and, therefore, are searchable on the Library of Congress online catalog under terms such as "Russia climate maps" or "Siberia climate maps" or "Moscow Oblast Russia climate maps" or some similar iteration. Uncataloged items and a few atlases, which vary widely in content and quality, are noted below.

Single Maps

There are twenty-nine uncataloged maps depicting climate in Russia and the Former Soviet Union for the period 1887-1969. Two are described below.


Klimaticheskaia Uchebnaia Karta S.S.S.R. V. V. Ermakov and S. N. Sokolova. (Moscow: Gosudarstvennoye Izdatel'stvo, 1929). Colored map. Scale 1:5,000,000. Filed under Russia -- Climate -- 1929 -- 1:5,000,000 -- in Russian

Climate map of the U.S.S.R. published under the auspices of the Scientific-Pedagogical Section of the State Academic Council in 1929 for instructional use in schools. Map shows average annual rainfall in centimeters; January and July isotherms; hot and cold sea currents; regional duration of frozen rivers; freezing and non-freezing sections of lakes and seas; precipitation levels; major railroads; state and local boundaries; and place names. Includes insets depicting the ripening of cereals in European Russia in relation to isotherms; sample synoptic weather map of conditions in January 1925; the arrival times of rooks and cuckoos; and isobars of wind strength in January and July. Include a table of drawings of meteorological instruments, as well as graphs indicating average precipitation and temperature levels in select places, the arrival dates of various birds near Moscow, and meteorological tables and text.

Klimaticheskaia Karta SSR. Uchebnaia, dlia srednei shkoly. (Moscow: GUGK, [194-]). Offset lithograph, colored. Scale 1:5,000,000. Filed under USSR -- Climate -- [1948?] -- 1:5,000,000 -- GUGK, and under unverified call number G7001 C8 194- .R8

Soviet middle school map from the 1940s depicting the nation's climate. Shows annual precipitation levels (in meters) by color coded scale. Isotherms indicate the warmest (red) and coldest (blue) mean temperatures on the earth's surface and the oceans. Map also indicates maximum and minimum mean temperatures for specific locations; the directions of prevailing winds in July (red vectors) and January (blue vectors); and the limits of frozen seas.

There are three uncataloged maps depicting climate in European Russia, and they range in date from ca. 1880 to 1908.

The division holds two uncataloged maps depicting Lithuania's climate for the years 1926 and 1940.

There are two uncataloged maps depicting Ukraine's climate from 1940 and 1944.

There is a single uncataloged map depicting climate in Armenia from 1962, and one in Georgia from 1957.

There is a single uncataloged map depicting Siberia's climate from the 1930s.

There is one uncataloged map depicting the climate of Kamchatka Krai from 1942 and one depicting climate in Primorskii Krai of no date.