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Russia and its Empire in Eurasia: Cartographic Resources in the Library of Congress

Regional Maps and Atlases

L'Isle, Guillaume de, cartographer. Carte de Tartarie.1706. Library of Congress Geography and Map Division.

Among the division's holdings are maps and atlases of Russia's current and historical regions, including those in European Russia, Siberia and the Russian Far East, Russian Central Asia, Caucasus, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic States, and the Russian Arctic. Each regional category may include maps of various subjects. Those that are cataloged can be identified on the Library of Congress online catalog by region name. Examples of search terms include "Ural Mountains Russia maps" and "Caucasus Northern Russia maps" and "Baikal Lake Russia maps" and "Volga River Valley Russia maps." Those that are uncataloged are noted below.

Single Maps

There are approximately 280 uncataloged maps in eight drawers covering various regions of Russia and the former Soviet Union. They range in years from an unknown date to 1970. They are arranged alphabetically by name, and include maps of Asiatic Russia, Don River, Gulf of Finland, Karelia, Sea of Okhotsk, Volga River, Wrangel Island, and miscellaneous regions. An example of one is described below. Researchers should note that uncataloged maps of Crimea are still filed under Ukraine.


Sovetskaia Arktika i Subarktika 1937g. (Moscow: Vsesoiuznogo Arkticheskogo Institut Glavsevmorputi, 1938). Offset lithograph, colored. Scale 1:4,000,000. Filed under USSR -- Northern (Soviet Arctic and Subarctic) -- 1938 -- 1:4,000,000 -- Vsesoi

Detailed map of the Soviet Arctic and sub-arctic from the late 1930s. Shows cities, towns, and villages; place names; polar stations; camps, settlements, wintering sites, trading posts, and yurts; six levels of political divisions; railroads; roads and trails; rivers; river ports and anchorages; and canals.

There are no uncataloged regional maps under European Russia. One interesting item, however, resides in the division's vault, and is described below.


A most accurate Map, of those parts of the Astracan Government, upon the River Wolga, wherein the New Colonies are Settled. Taken from Original Drawings & Observations made in a late Survey of those Countries. Johann Reinhold Forster. (London: Royal Society, 1768.) Map, uncolored. Scale 1:920,000. Filed under LC call number G7063 .A8 1766 .F6 Vault

Map of a section of the middle Volga from just above Saratov to Chyorny Iar, in addition to sections of the Medveditsa and Don rivers, showing the locations of the German settlements in the region. Map depicts the Volga and its tributaries; towns and villages; German settlements; Cossack stanitsas along the Don; forts; vegetation pictorially; and relief pictorially and by hachures. Among the notable settlements are the "Great Swizzer Settlement of 3000 Families" along the Volga and Yeruslan rivers, and the "Settlement of the Moravian Brethren" just below Tsaritsyn (Volgograd). Includes occasional notes on features, such as "The ruins of Seray the residence of the Mogul Khans in Kiptchak". Accompanied by a text from the Philosophical Transactions XXXIII: "A letter from Mr. J.R. Forster to Mr. Maty containing some account of a new map of the River Wolga. Warrington, October 24, 1768."

The division holds ten uncataloged maps depicting various regions in Estonia and seventeen uncataloged maps of regions in Lithuania, all from the first half of the twentieth century.

There are about seventy uncataloged maps of regions in the former RSFSR. They are arranged alphabetically by region name, and chronologically thereunder. About thirty cover the Ural Mountains. One is elaborated upon below.


[Karta Ural'skikh Gornagykh Okrugov]. (Saint Petersburg: s.n., [18--]). Maps, uncolored. Scale 1:210,000. Filed under Russia -- RSFSR -- Ural Mountains -- Administrative (Mining Districts in Urals) -- [18--?] -- 1:210,000 -- I. Il'ina

Series of late nineteenth century maps depicting mining districts in the Ural Mountains based on surveys of lands made by Ural mining firms. Maps depict the mining districts of Goroblagodatsk, Votkinksk, Perm, Artinsk, Ekaterinburg, Bogoslavsk, and Zlatoust, as well several smaller districts including the Nikolae-Pavdinsk, Artinsk, Osinovskaia, Grobosk, Utkinsk, and Visimsk works. Maps also show towns and villages; roads and trails; place names; rivers and lakes; and relief by shading.

There is one uncataloged map of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in Azerbaijan. Both it and one cataloged item are described below.


Erewanean nahangi Sharur-Gharalageazi ew Nakhijewani gawaṛner / kazmetsʻ, E. Lalayean. Ervand Lalayan. ([Erewan] : Hrat. Azg.-hrat. ěnk., [1918?]). Map, colored. Scale [ca. 1:200,000]. Filed under LC call number G7144.N3A1 1918 .L3

Topographic map, in Armenian, of the Naxçivan city region covering an area roughly comparable to the later Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (Azerbaijan). Shows towns and villages; place names; roads; churches and/or monasteries and mosques; rivers; and relief by shading and spot heights. LC copy damaged; missing cover and/or attached textual publication. Prime meridian may be Pulkovo (St. Petersburg).

Nakhichevanskaia ASSR. (Moscow: GUGK, 1967). Offset lithograph, color. Scale 1:600,000. Filed under USSR -- Azerbaijan -- Nakhichevan (ASSR) -- 1967 -- 1:600,000 -- GUGK, and by unverified call number G7143 .N3 1967 .R8

Soviet administrative map of Nakhchivan ASSR from 1967. Shows towns and villages; place names; international. republic, and raion boundaries; roads; railroad; perennial and non-perennial rivers; and relief by shading and spot heights. Includes legend.

There is a single uncataloged map of the Aral Sea Region filed with maps of Uzbekistan. An additional cataloged item filed in the division's vault is noted below.


Nova Maris Caspii et regionis Usbeck : cum provincijs adjacentibus vera delineatio / In qua itinera Regia et alia notabiliora accurate denotantur per A. Maas. ([Nuremberg?]]: Curatibg. Homan̄ianis Heredib, 1735). Engraved and printed map, and-colored. Scale [ca. 1:4,000,000]. Filed under LC call number G7230 1735 .M3 Vault

Informative eighteenth century map of the Caspian Sea region and Central Asia, identified as "Usbek," by Abraham Maas, a Dutch cartographer who worked in the geographic department of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg. He based his map on field notes and map drafts gathered by Russian travelers to the region. Map shows cities, town, villages, settlements, and yurts pictorially; mosques; roads and caravan routes; state and provincial boundaries; rivers and lakes, especially the Aral Sea; relief and vegetation pictorially; place names in Latin; and descriptive text. Like other Homann maps, this one includes a quaint, locally-flavored cartouche. It features three Central Asian figures (ostensibly Uzbeks khans), one on horseback and another smoking a hookah, and a Russian solider, who is pointing at the map's title and, thus, Russia's interest in invading Central Asia.

The division holds thirty-six uncataloged maps of regions in Siberia that range in date from the nineteenth to the twentieth centuries. The materials are arranged alphabetically by name, with those most prominently represented being the Amur River, Lake Baikal, Kuznetsk Basin, the Lena River, and the Yenisei River. One especially vivid item from the division's vault is listed below.


Tartariae sive Magni Chami Regni tÿpus. Jan Baptista Vrients. (Antwerp: A. Ortelius, 1603). Engraved and printed map, hand-colored. Scale [ca. 1:25,000,000].. Filed under LC call number G7270 1570 .O7 Vault

Beautifully drawn map of northern Eurasia by J. B. Vrients from the 1603 edition of Abraham Ortelius Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. Includes pictorial representation of towns and villages, settlements, rulers, ships, and sea monsters, as well as rivers, lakes, and place names. Includes notes and decorative title and notes cartouches.

Available as a digital image through the Library of Congress website.

The division holds twelve uncataloged maps of regions in the Russian Far East. They are arranged alphabetically by region name, and span the period 1895 to 1941. Those most prominently represented include Anadyriskii Krai, the Komandorski Islands, and Peter the Great Bay. One is described below.


Karta Rechnykh' Oblastii Amura, iuzhnoi chasti Liny, i Enicei i Ostrova Sakhalina. (Saint Petersburg: zavednie Poltoratskago i Il'ina, 1864). Chromolithograph. Scale 1:1,680,000. Filed under Russia -- Siberia -- Amur River Region -- "Karta Rechnykh Oblastii Amura" -- 1864 -- 1:1,680,000 -- Imperial Russian Geographical Society

Detailed and expertly-drawn topographical map of Amur Oblast, the upper courses of the Lena and Enisei rivers, and Sakhalin Island compiled from the researches of the Siberian Expedition of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, led by the expedition's chief astronomer, Peter Carl Ludwig Schwartz. Map shows towns, villages, and settlements; fortresses and guard posts; monasteries; post offices; mines, factories, and industrial sites; gold mines; shelters; religious monuments; mosques; yurts; border posts; ruins of forts or settlements; post roads, lanes, and trails; state, gubernia, and oblast boundaries; rivers and lakes; place names; and relief by shading. Includes legend.

Karta Ostrova Sakhalina. (S.l.: Klas. Voen. Topograf' Nikitin', 1885). Chromolithograph. Scle 1:1,650,000. Filed under Russia -- Russian Far East -- Sakhalin Island (Reg.) -- 1885 -- 1:1,650,000 -- Russian War Dept.

Russian military topographic map of Sakhalin Island from the late nineteenth century. Shows towns, settlements, and posts; rivers and lakes; place names; and shaded relief. Includes insets of the western coast from Post Due to Alekhsandrovsk (with a short railroad from Slobodka Alekhsandrovskaia to a pier on the coast), and of the south eastern peninsula of the island.

The division holds thirty uncataloged maps of regions and oblasts in Belarus. They range in date from ca. 1860s to 1969, and are arranged alphabetically by name. One is described below.


Mapa Ziemi Minskiej. (Minsk: s.n., [19--]). Chromolithograph. Scale 1:630,000, or 1 English inch to 15 versts. Filed USSR -- Belorussian SSR -- Minsk (Oblast) -- [19--] -- 1:630,000 -- Lit. Solomonowa Minsk

Either late nineteenth or early twentieth century map of the Minsk region. Shows towns and villages; roads; railroads; rivers; and marshes. Includes an inset of the city of Minsk. Map densely populated with place names.

The division holds 125 uncataloged maps in 4 drawers of both regions and oblasts in Ukraine. The materials range in date from 1764 to 1967. Although Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation in 2014, uncataloged regional maps of Crimea, which number sixty-one of the total, are filed under Ukraine. Other regions represented include Donets, Galicia, Odessa, and Volhynia. Two are described below as examples.


Orografichesko-Geograficheskaia Karta Odesskago Voennago Okruga, Sostavlennaia i Izdannaia pri Voenno-Topograficheskom' Otdel' Glavnogo Shtaba v' 1866 gody. (S.l.: Voenno-Topograficheskom' Otdel' Glavnogo Shtaba, 1866). Chromolithograph. Scale 20 versts equals one English inch. Filed under USSR -- Ukrainian regions -- Odesskii Voiennyi Okrug -- 1866 -- no scale -- Imperial Russian Army

Imperial Russian General Staff map illustrating the topography of the Odessa Military District in 1866. Shows cities, towns, and villages; place names; state, gubernia, and uyezd boundaries; highways and roads; railroads; telegraph lines and telegraph stations; rivers; lighthouses and anchorages; and relief by contours and shaded tinting. Includes cross-section elevation profiles. Includes a hypsometric scale bar. Includes legend.

Administrativnaia Karta Krymskoi ASSR. (Tbilisi: izdanie Glavnogo Upravleniia Gosyd S'emki i Kartografii NKVD SSSR, 1937). Colored map. Scale 1:500,000. Filed under USSR -- Ukrainian SSR -- Crimea Region -- 1937 -- 1:500,000 -- GUGSK/NKVD

NKVD map depicting the administrative and political divisions of Crimea in 1937. Shows republic, marginal, and raion boundaries, as well as the boundaries of reserves; eight levels of settlements; railroads and tram lines; highways, unimproved roads, and trails; steamship courses; foresters' offices; factories; machine tractor stations; fisheries; ports and anchorages; wells; and relief by spot heights. Includes indexed table of twenty-seven raions and raion centers. Includes legend and projection data.

Set Maps

Topograficheskaia Karta okrestnostei S. Peterburga.  Gravirovana v' Voenno-Topograficheskom Depo, dopolnena i ispravlena v' 1855 godu. (Saint Petersburg:  Voenno-Topograficheskoe Depo., 1855). Maps, uncolored. Scale 1:84,000 or 1 English inch to 2 versts. Filed under LC call number G7064 .S2 s84 .R8

Mid nineteenth century set of large-scale topographic maps of Saint Petersburg and its environs. Maps show towns and villages; place names; roads; rivers and canals; cultivated and uncultivated lands; vegetation pictorially; and relief by hachures.