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Russia and its Empire in Eurasia: Cartographic Resources in the Library of Congress


Russia. Ministerstvo puteĭ soobshchenīi︠a︡. Otdi︠e︡l statistiki i kartografīi. Karta puteĭ soobshchenīi︠a︡ Rossīĭskoĭ Imperīi. 1916. Library of Congress Geography and Map Division.

Transportation maps generally cover the overall network of railroads, highways and major roads, navigable rivers, canals, and steamship lines throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union. They vary in coverage, content, and quality. Those that are cataloged can be searched on the Library of Congress online catalog under the terms such as "Transportation Russia maps" or "Transportation Russia Federation maps" and so forth. Uncataloged materials are noted below.

Single Maps

The division holds thirty uncataloged maps depicting transportation in Russia and the former Soviet Union. They range in date from 1889 to 1968, and are arranged chronologically. Two informative items are described below.


Skematicheskaia Karta Zheleznodorozhnykh, Vodnykh i Avtomobil'nykh Puteii Soobshcheniia SSSR po dannym na 1 Maia 1933 goda. (Moscow: N.K.P.S. Transkartografiia, 1933). Colored map. Scale 1:2,250,000. Filed under Russia -- Transportation -- "Schematic of the railway system . . ." -- 1933 -- 1:2,250,000 -- N.K.P.S.

Detailed schematic map of Soviet Russia's railway, waterway, and automobile communication routes in 1933. Primary map covers European Russia and western Siberia, while secondary map covers eastern Siberia and the Far East. Maps depict double, single, and narrow gauged railway lines; intermediate, connecting, and junction stations; automobile highways; rivers, lakes, and canals; piers; tariff distance figures for rail and water transportation; seven levels of settlements; state, republic, oblast and krai, and autonomous republic boundaries; and names of stations and ports. Includes three insets depicting the transportation networks of the environs of Leningrad and Moscow, and the Murmansk Railway. Includes index, a list of address of railroad directorates, and an explanatory note.

Karta Zheleznodorozhnykh, Vodnykh i Shosseinykh Puteii Soobshchenia Evropeiskoi Chasti SSSR / Karta Zheleznodorozhnykh, Vodnykh i Shosseinykh Puteii Soobshchenia Aziatskoi Chasti SSSR. ([Moscow?]: sostavlena v Transkartografii NKPS, 1934). Two maps, colored. Scales 1:5,000,000 + 1:12,000,000. Filled under Russia -- Transportation -- "Railroad and Waterway Communication Lines . . ." -- 1934 -- scales 1:5,000,000 + 1: 12,000,000 -- Kommissariat of Transportation

Two maps dated 1934. First map depicts railway, waterway, and highway communication routes in European Russia, while second map depicts the same information in Asiatic Russia. Both maps depict double, single, and narrow gauged railway lines; highways; rivers and canals; waterways; cities, towns, and villages; five levels of administrative centers; state boundaries; place names; and numerical references to official index of railway, river, and maritime timetables. Both maps include legend. Map one includes an inset of the Donbas transportation network.

There are thirty-six uncataloged maps depicting transportation in European Russia. They range in date from the mid nineteenth century to 1952, and are arranged chronologically. One especially informative item is described below, as is a printed map from the division's vault.


Karta Zheleznykh', Vodnianykh', i Shosseinykh' Putii Soobshcheniia Evropeiskoi Rossii. Izdanie Otdela Statistiki i Kartografii Ministertstva Putii Soobshcheniia (Saint Petersburg: Zabednie A. Il'ina, 1909). Map on multiple sheets, colored. Scale 1:1,680,000, or 40 versts to an inch. Filed under USSR -- USSR in Europe -- Transportation -- 1909 -- 1:1,680,000 -- Izdania Otdila Statistika i Kartografii

Large map illustrating the railroads, waterways, highways, and communication channels in European Russia in 1909. Map depicts paved and unpaved highways; paved and unpaved post roads; telegraph lines; shipping canals; towing canals; navigable rivers; ports; underwater telegraph cables; steamship routes; relief by land form drawings and spot heights; and depths by contours, bathymetry, and shaded tinting. Also shows cities, towns, and villages; place names; state, gubernia, and uyezd boundaries; steam locomotive works; railroad yards and crossings; coal stations; secondary and higher educational institutions; and state, mining, and Bashkir departments of forestry. Includes insets depicting the transportation networks of Novgorod, Saint Petersburg, Riga, the Donetsk Basin, the Silesian silver mines, Warsaw, the Kryvorizkyi Iron Ore Basin, and Moscow. Includes legend and text.

Carte de Voies de Communication de la Russia d'Europe et des Etats Voisins dressee par l'ordre S. M. l'Empereur, par L. Sagansan. (Paris: L. Sagansan, 1854). Map, colored. Scale ca. 1:3,350,000. Filed under unverified LC call number G7011 .P1 1854 .S Vault

Map depicts roads and railroads in northwestern European Russia, Prussia, portions of the north German states, parts of Holland, and Denmark. Shows cities, towns, and villages; railroads; roads; state and provincial boundaries; rivers and streams; and place names. Includes legend. Includes two manuscript annotations: "This map was captured in Fredericksburg on the knight [sic] of the 11th of Dec 1862 by Saml M. Gaunt postmaster of R.G.D." and "Presented by the Chief Signal Officer, U.S.A."

There are four uncataloged maps depicting transportation networks in Lithuania for the period 1929 to 1943.

There are three uncataloged maps depicting transportation routes in the Caucaus for the years 1865 to 1943. One is described under telecommunications maps.

There is a single uncataloged map depicting transportation in Russian Central Asia from the 1940s.

The division holds fifteen uncataloged maps depicting transportation in Siberia from 1901 to 1953. One of them, in addition to another available as a digital image on the LC website, are described below.


Karta Putei Soobshcheniia Aziatskoi Rossii. (S.l.: izdanie Otdela Statistiki i Kartografii Ministervsta Putei Soobshcheniia, 1911). Colored map. Scale 1:4,200,000. Filed under USSR -- Siberia -- Transportation -- 1911 -- 1:4,200,000 -- Izdanie Otdela Statistiki i Kartografii Ministervstva Putei Soobshchenia

Wall map depicting Siberia's transportation network in 1911. Map shows single and double track railway lines open for traffic, with the length in versts between stations; railway lines under construction; locomotive and wagon factories; iron works; iron ore and coal mines; waterways, including navigable rivers, shipping channels, canals, steamship routes, and ports; underwater cables; postal routes; large trade routes; telegraph lines; state, gubernia, and uyezd boundaries; towns and villages; forests owned by the Russian crown; saxaul (desert vegetation); resettlement sites populated as of 1910; swamps and sands; bathymetry by depths and shaded tinting; and relief by land form drawings and shading. Includes legend and compilation text.

Pochtovo - telegrafnaia karta Aziatskoi Rossii (skhematicheskaia). (Postal and Telegraph Map of Asiatic Russia (schematic). (Saint Petersburg, Russia: Resettlement Department of the Land Regulation and Agriculture Administration, 1914). Scale 1:10,500,000. Original map at National Library of Russia.

Schematic map of Siberia depicting postal and telegraph lines in 1914. Shows towns and villages; place names; railroads; and distances in versts between posts. Includes an indexed legend identifying postal and telegraph offices and branches; railroad stations with full, partial, and no mail delivery; post offices; railway lines in operation and under construction; roads; existing and planned telegraph lines; and undersea cables.

Original map at National Library of Russia, but available as an electronic resource via the LC website.

The division holds three uncataloged maps depicting the transportation network of Kamchatka Krai for the period 1943 to 1947.

There are three uncataloged maps depicting transportation in Ukraine for the years 1941 and 1942.

Set maps

Voenno-Dorozhnaia i Strategicheskaia Karta Zapadnoi Chasti SSSR i Prilegaiushchego Zagranichnogo Prostranstva 1888 g. (Moscow: Glavnii shtab. Voenno-Topografishceskoe Upravlenie, [1915?-1936?). Colored maps. Scale 1:1,050,000. Filed under LC call number G7011 .P2 s1050 .R8

Soviet-era reprints of set of twenty-six maps, most in multiple editions, depicting the transportation network of Western Russia, Eastern Europe, and Finland. Sheets depict administrative centers; cities, towns, and villages; forts; double and single track railroads, as well as lines under construction; highways, post roads, country roads, and tracks; state and contested boundaries; bridges; mountain passes; rivers and lakes; docks; and relief by shading and spot heights. Graphic index with set.

[Karta putei soobschcheniia chasti sievernago Kazakhstana i chasti iugo-zapadnago Sibiri].[Russia : s.n., 191-?]). 21 maps, hand-colored. Scale [ca. 1:420,000]. Filed under LC call number G7221.P1 s420 .K3

Set of twenty-one maps depicting major transportation routes in northern Kazakhstan (including the regions of Aktiubinsk, Turgai, Kustanai, and the northern Aral Sea) and part of southwestern Siberia (including the regions of Troitsk and Orsk). The sheets have been annotated in ink and hand colored in wash to emphasize major transportation routes and to add selected place-names. Maps show major roads, secondary roads, and trails; railroads; cities, towns, and villages; rivers, dry channels, lakes, and lake beds; desert landscape and relief by form lines and shading; and numerous place names. Maps printed in old-orthography Russian. Sheets variously torn, mounted on cloth-backing, missing edges, and renumbered in pencil or crayon.

Karta putei soobshcheniia Dalʹni︠ago Vostoka = Yonjūnimanbun no ichi Soryō Kyokutō chihō kōtsū rōsenzu / sostavlena v Dorozhnom otdi︠e︡li︠e︡ Ulravleniia vodnykh putei Amurskago basseĭna ; Kantōgun Shireibu. ([China?] : Kantōgun Shireibu, Shōwa 15- [1940]-). Maps. Scale 1:420,000 or 10 versts = 1 in. Filed under LC call number G7321 .P1 s420 .R8 MLC

Set of forty-three maps depicting the transportation network of the Russian Far East, including the Amur Basin, northern Manchuria, and parts of Sakha and Chukotka. Maps originally prepared by the Red Army prior to the revolution, and reprinted by the Japanese Army in 1940. Sheets can show cities, towns, and villages; railroad lines and stations; main roads; postal and communication routes; country lanes; roads of neighboring states; trails; route of the Amur expedition party; rivers and streams; watershed limits; oblast and state boundaries; and place names. No relief. Set accompanied by a graphic index.