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Russia and its Empire in Eurasia: Cartographic Resources in the Library of Congress


Resettlement Department of the Land Regulation and Agriculture Administration. Karta rastitel'nosti Aziatskoi Rossii..1914. From the Atlas Aziatskoi Rossii. Original held by the National Library of Russia. Digital image available through the Library of Congress website.

The division holds maps and atlases depicting vegetation in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Those materials can emphasize vegetation per se, or they can include vegetation information among conglomerate depictions of Russia's physical landscape, soils, forestry, and natural resources. Like the map pictured to the right, they can categorize vegetation by geographic zones, or they can identify vegetation by its scientific classification schema or its economic/agricultural potential. Among general atlases of Russia, plates depicting vegetation usually are grouped with others depicting the physical landscape and natural resources.

Materials pertaining to vegetation in Russia and the former Soviet Union can be searched on the Library of Congress online catalog via the term "phytogeography," in conjunction with additional relevant terminology, such as "Phytogeography Russia Federation Siberia maps," or "Phytogeography Russia Federation Moscow Oblast maps," or "Phytogeography Russia Federation Tatarstan maps," or "Phytogeography Ukraine maps," and so forth. Additional uncataloged vegetation maps are described below.

Single Maps

There are thirty-seven uncataloged maps depicting vegetation in Russia and the former Soviet Union. They range in date from 1914 to 1975, but the bulk fall within the period 1950-75, are were published by the GUGK. They are arranged chronologically. One is described below as an example.


Prirodnye Zony SSSR. (Moscow: GUGK, [194-]). Colored map. 1:5,000,000 or 1 centimeter = 50 kilometers. Filed under Russia -- Vegetation -- Vegetation Zones -- [194-] -- 1:5,000,000 -- GUGK

Late 1940s map illustrating twelve broad vegetation zones in the Soviet Union. In addition to showing vegetation zones by color and symbol, maps also shows cities and towns; cultural sites; state, republic, foreign, and polar boundaries; steamship courses; rivers; warm and cold ocean currents; submerged lands and snow peaks; natural resources; and relief by shading. Includes a table illustrating vegetation zones. Includes legend.

There are six uncataloged maps depicting vegetation in European Russia, and they range in date from the early twentieth century up to 1948. Two are described below.


Karta Rastitel'nosti Evropeiskoi chasti S.S.S.R. Sostavil prof. N. J. Kuznetsov po dannym Geo-Botanicheskogo Otdela Glavnogo Botanicheskogo Sada / Map of the Vegetation of the European Part of the U.S.S.R. drawn up by Prof. N. J. Kuznetsov according to the data of the Geo-Botanical Section of the Principal Botanical Garden. (Leningrad: Vsesoiuzn. Inet. Prikl. Botaniki pri S.N.K. S.S.S.R, 1928). Colored map. 1:4.000,000 scale. Filed under under USSR -- European SSR -- Vegetation -- 1928 -- 1:4,000,000 -- Kuznetsov

Map illustrating vegetation of the European U.S.S.R. in 1928 derived from data compiled by the Principal Botanical Garden. Vegetation grouped according to five categories, and arranged by forty-six vegetation types thereunder. Depicts vegetation by color and pattern; a few towns and cities; place names; administrative subdivisions; and hydrography. Includes legend.


Karta Rastitel'nosti Evropeiskoi Chasti SSSR. A. M. Semenovoi-Tian-Shanskoi ([Moscow]: Akademiia Nauk Soiuza SSR, Botanicheskii Institut im. akad. V. L. Komarova, 1948). Colored map. Scale 1:2,500,000. Filed under USSR -- USSR in Europe -- Vegetation -- 1948 -- 1:2,500,000 -- A.N.S. Soiuza S.S.R. Botanicheskii Institut, and unverified call number G7011 .D2 1948 .A4

Late 1940s map depicting vegetation in the western USSR prepared by the Botanical Institute of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Map organizes vegetation according to seven categories, and identifies seventy vegetation types thereunder. Illustrates vegetation by color, symbol, and pattern; cities and towns; roads; railroads; place names; and hydrography. Includes inset depicting state protected forest belts and forest plantations, and forests on collective and state farms. Includes two legends, one of vegetation types and the other with symbols of individual species and various features.

There is one uncataloged map depicting vegetation in the Caucasus from 1930, one in Armenia from 1962, and two in Georgia from 1957 and 1959. Three are described below.



Karta Rastel'nogo Pokrova Zakfederatsii Azerbaidjhana, Armenii i Gruzii. Sostavil A. A. Grossheim, 1930g. / Map of the Vegetation of the Transcaucasian Republics Azerbaidjan, Armenia, and Georgia. By A. A. Grossheim, 1930. (Tbilisi: Experimental-Research Institute of Water Economy of Transcaucasia, 1930). Chromolithograph, map on eight sheets. Scale 1:420,000. Filed under USSR -- Caucasus -- Vegetation -- 1930 -- 1:420,000 -- A. A. Grossheim

Soviet-era, Russian-English vegetation map of Transcaucasus on eight sheets from 1930. Extensive legend identifies nine major categories of vegetation, and thirty-nine types thereunder, by color and/or symbol, as well as permanent snow cover. Map depicts vegetation; roads; railroads; rivers; and a few place names (in English). Map accompanied text "Sketch of the Vegetation of Transcaucasia," which is also included.



Armianskaia SSR Uchebnaia Karta Rastitel'nosti. (Yerevan: Akademiia Nauk Armianskoii SSR, 1962). Offset lithograph, color. Scale 1:600,000. Filed under USSR -- Armenian SSR -- 1962 -- 1:600,000 -- Akademiia Nauk Armianskoii SSR

Soviet-era vegetation map of Armenia compiled and published by the Armenian Academy of Sciences SSR in the early 1960s. Map depicts six environmental regions and fourteen vegetation types thereunder. Also identifies pine forests, plane groves, yew groves, and forest reserves. Includes place names, railroads, and rivers. Legend identifies vegetation types by color and number.



Sak'art'velos SSR: mec'nareulobis ruka. Sascavlo ruka sasualo skolisat'vis. [Georgian SSR: vegetation map. Educational map for middle school.] (Moscow: SSRK SSS geodeziisa da kartograp'iis mt'avari sammart'velo, 1957). Offset lithograph, color. Scale 1;600,000. Filed under USSR -- Georgian SSR -- Vegetation -- 1957 -- 1:600,000 -- in Georgian

Soviet vegetation school map of Georgia from the mid-1950s. Shows cities and towns; place names in Georgian; rivers; major vegetation zones; snow capped peaks; bathymetry by contours; and relief by shading. Legend identifies fourteen vegetation zones, keyed by color and number, for higher and lower elevations. Inset, with indexed list, depicts the republic's eight major crop, pasture, and snow regions.

There are two uncataloged maps depicting vegetation in Russian Central Asia from the 1950s and 1957. One informative item is described below.


Karta Rastitel'nosti Srednei Azii. (Moscow: Akademii Nauk SSR, 1956). Colored map on nineteen sheets. Scale 1:1,000,000. Filed under USSR -- Soviet Central Asia -- Vegetation -- 1957 -- 1:1,000,000 -- Akademiia Nauk SSR, and by unverified call number G7211 .D2 1953 .A4

Map on nineteen sheets illustrating the vegetation of Soviet Central Asia from the mid 1950s. In addition to a map, each sheet includes a legend identifying vegetation type by color and number, with names in both in Russian and Latin. Also includes a list of additional features and classification categories. Each sheet also includes a locational index, a hypsometric scheme, and a map indicating editorial responsibility. Includes a separate sheet with a complete list of symbols, features, and classifications.