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Russian and Ukrainian Pamphlet and Brochure Collection: 1866-1949

This microfilmed collection has over 4, 000 items in Russian and Ukrainian on various topics including cultrure, history, religion, science and technology.


This is an electronic version of the bibliography, Russian and Ukrainian Pamphlet and Brochure Collection: 1866-1949, which describes 4,403 items filmed by the Library of Congress in the early 1990s. The items are grouped by LC classification and then listed alphabetically within each classification. In addition, the bibliography provides links to full texts for most of the 438 items described in Class B, which pertains to religion and philosophy. This document is the only electronic record for the individual items in the collection; they do not appear in the Library of Congress Catalog, although the groupings by LC classification letter do.

The original introduction to the bibliography, written in 1993, describes this collection in greater detail, providing information about its history and processing.

Titles are transliterated using the ALA-LC Romanization Tables.

All the items may also be viewed on microfilm in the Library's Microform and Electronic Resources Center.

Index and links to the individual records by classification:

  • Class B (438 entries, reels 2-10; religion and philosophy)
  • Class D (722 entries, reels 11-25; history, geography, biography, genealogy, heraldry, anthropology, ethnology, folklore, sports, and games)
  • Class H (972 entries, reels 26-45; economic conditions)
  • Class J (437 entries, reels 46-54; politics and governmental activity)
  • Class L (283 entries, reels 55-60; education)
  • Class M (35 entries, reel 61; programs of concerts, operas, ballets, biographies of composers, teaching manuals, and studies of music)
  • Class N (137 entries, reels 62-64; art and architecture)
  • Class P (379 entries, reels 65-73; literature or studies of literature, linguistics, the theater, and textbooks for students of foreign languages)
  • Class Q (227 entries, reels 74-77; science)
  • Class R (87 entries, reels 78-81; medicine)
  • Class S (171 entries, reels 82-85; agriculture, including soils, machinery, botany, forestry, and husbandry)
  • Class T (229 entries, reels 86-90; technology, engineering, handicrafts, and home economics)
  • Classes U-V (71 entries, reels 91-92; military and naval science)
  • Class Z (115 entries, reels 93-94; bibliographies on various subjects)