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Russian Newspapers in the Library of Congress

Other Russian Regional Newspapers (Cities N-Z)

Serge Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorski, photographer. View of Suzdal along the Kamenka River. 1912. Prokudin-Gorskii Collection. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.

Entries below for Russian regional newspaper titles in the Library of Congress collections are organized by the city of publication. Due to the size of the collection, entries for regional newspapers are split into two pages, with titles published in cities beginning with the letters N-Z on this page. These newspaper titles emanate from regions of Russia that are located geographically and administratively west of the Ural Mountains, encompassing the Northwest, Central and Volga regions, much of which is traditionally called European Russia. This section also includes newspapers from cities in the Russian areas of the Caucasus.

The collection includes newspapers from the imperial, revolutionary, Soviet, and contemporary periods. Of particular interest are numerous titles from the Civil War era, including titles published by the Whites or ant-communist forces. Newspapers are organized alphabetically by city of publication (in parentheses) and then by title. The arrangement follows English, not Cyrillic, alphabetical order.

Entries may provide the following information: title; subtitle, call number for the Library of Congress collection; the dates of publication if known; the location of the newspaper within the Library of Congress; detailed holdings for each title by format under the tag LC Has ; the language of publication if it is not Russian; a bibliographic source (either printed or online) used to verify publication data; links to freely available digital editions; databases in which the newspaper appears; links to the current website if available; various notes with additional information.

Select the title of any newspaper listed below to view fuller bibliographic information for that item in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Links to electronic versions are provided when available. Descriptions and abbreviations of newspaper bibliographies used in the compilation of this guide appear on the page "Online Catalogs and Russian Newspaper Bibliographies."

Russian newspapers are housed in several locations in the Library of Congress. In general, microfilm of titles from Russia and current paper issues of all Russian-language titles are held in the European Reading Room. Microfilm of Russian-language titles not from Russia and bound volumes of Russian newspapers are held in the Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room. However, there are pockets of holdings elsewhere. Newspapers must be requested in the reading rooms in which they are held. The following abbreviations have been used:

  • Eur - European Reading Room (LJ-249)
  • GenColl - General Collections
  • MERC - Microform and Electronic Resources Center (LJ-139)
  • N&CPR - Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room (LM-133)
  • AMED - African and Middle Eastern Reading Room (LJ-229)
  • RBSCD - Rare Book and Special Collections Reading Room (LJ-239)
  • Stacks - the onsite only database for rights restricted digital content at the Library of Congress