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Russian Telephone and City Directories

Other Directories

Although this guide is predominantly about Russian telephone and address directories for individuals and "yellow pages" for businesses, the Library of Congress also collects directories from many other kinds of organizations in Russia. Examples include government agencies, educational institutions, individual business enterprises, and branches of the armed forces. A few of these items have made their way into the uncataloged international telephone directory collection and appear in the holdings lists on other pages of this guide, such as the 1990 employee phone directory of the International Center for Scientific and Technical Information (Mezhdunarodnyi tsentr nauchnoi i tekhnicheskoi informatsii) in the Moscow. However, the vast majority of these kinds of "other" directories are cataloged and findable via the Library of Congress Online Catalog. On this page we present a few examples of these more specialized directories with some guidance on how to find them in the catalog.

For cataloged directories, try searching subject keywords such as "directories" plus the geographic place name of interest. Given that many pre-1970 bibliographic records for Russian publications are less complete, it is also helpful to search non-subject keywords including "telefonnyi" or "adresnyi" or "spisok abonentov" or "adres-kalendar'" to find additional titles. Not all directories contain telephone numbers or even addresses. Some provide lists of organizations active in a particular place at a particular time in history, but a bibliographic record will not specify the contents, so each directory should be viewed in person to determine if the content is relevant for a specific research interest.

In addition, two items described directly below may be helpful to identify publications or learn about the research value of city directories, including the essential guide to pre-revolutionary Russian historical sources compiled by P.A. Zaionchkovskii, the contents of which may be searched to identify other directories held in the Library of Congress collections.

For titles with bibliographic records, follow the links for fuller bibliographic descriptions in the Library of Congress Online Catalog.

Below is a selection from several hundred cataloged directories for Russia and the former Soviet Union from or about government agencies, branches of the military, research institutes, or industries. They are arranged in order of date of publication. Follow the links for fuller bibliographic descriptions in the Library of Congress Online Catalog.

Two pages from Kremlin directory
Pages showing listings from Spisok abonentov telefonnoĭ stant︠s︡ii Kremli︠a︡, 1940. Library of Congress European Reading Room.