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Salary & Compensation Research Guide

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If you are looking for historical data related to pay by position, industry, or job, there are too many titles in the Library to account for in this guide. Instead, we have created an extensive list of subject headings to enable you to find more specific publications. The list below is not all relevant subject headings, so if there is an industry that is not included, please search the catalog to find additional titles.

Also, we have focused on the subject headings that cover the United States as a whole. If you are looking for information on states or countries, you can use the below subject headings and replace United States with an appropriate geographic subheading.

Additional works in the Library of Congress may be identified by searching the Library of Congress Online Catalog under appropriate Library of Congress subject headings. Choose the topics you wish to search from the following list of subject headings to link directly to the Catalog and automatically execute a search for the subject selected. Please be aware that during periods of heavy use you may encounter delays in accessing the catalog. For assistance in locating other subject headings that may relate to this subject, please consult a reference librarian.

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