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Earth Sciences

Carol M. Highsmith, photographer. Rock formation at the Garden of the Gods, a geological upheaval that is now a city park and popular tourist attraction in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you view this image in full screen, note the "hole" toward the top left of the largest formation. Above it, two rocks appear to "touch noses." They are known, affectionally, as the "Kissing Camels". 2016. Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division.

"Earth sciences" is a broad term that covers the many fields of study that pertain to earth. Although by no means an exhaustive list, the following are important areas in earth science:

  • Atmospheric science: study of the various spheres surrounding the earth (troposphere, stratosphere, etc.)
  • Geography: study of the physical features of the earth
  • Geology: study of the physical make up of the earth and how it changes over time
  • Oceanography: study of the physical and biological make up of the oceans
  • Volcanology: study of volcanoes, magma, and lava

The sites listed here have collections of images related to the subjects of the earth sciences.