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South Asian Women’s Serials at the Library of Congress

Bangladesh Serials

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Map of Bangladesh
United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Bangladesh. 1996. Library of Congress Geography and Map Division.

The history of women's serials in Bengali begins in pre-Partition India (part of which would eventually become Bangladesh in 1971). Some of the oldest and longest-running South Asian serials began in colonial Bengal, a British-controlled territory comprising the state of West Bengal in present-day India as well as much of present-day Bangladesh. The same holds true for women’s serials. These serials reflect the multitude of the multitude of social reform organizations and conversations regarding women's place in society. Many of the Bengali titles were published in pre-and post-Independent India. The items listed in this section are also those from present-day (post-1971) Bangladesh. 

The serials in the Library's collections from present-day Bangladesh are primarily in Bengali, with one non-governmental organization report in English. Topics include lifestyle and fashion (ex. Cārabelā cāradika), and the social economic status of women (ex. Prajanma). Access to some of the older, pre-1947 and pre-1971 Bengali serials can be found through the electronic resources available through the Library of Congress. See the list compiled in the Electronic Resources section of this guide for a comprehensive list of databases and selection of serials.

Serials in South Asian languages are available in the Library’s Asian Reading Room, while serials in English are available in the Library’s Main Reading Room and Newspaper and Current Periodicals Reading Room. See the Item Availability section of a bibliographic record to learn what issues are available at the Library of Congress.

Locating Materials at the Library of Congress

To find out where certain items are located at the Library of Congress, please see the “Item Availability” section at the bottom of a bibliographic record in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Serials in South Asian languages will have the location “Asian Reading Room.” Serials in English are generally available in the Main Reading Room, which is indicated by the phrase “Jefferson or Adams Building Reading Rooms.” You can also use this section to learn what issues of a serial are included in the collection, as in the example below.

Item Availability section of the online catalog record.

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