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South Asian Women’s Serials at the Library of Congress

Sri Lanka Serials

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Map of Sri Lanka
United States. Central Intelligence Agency. Sri Lanka. 2001. Library of Congress Geography and Map Division.

The publication of serials for and about women in Sri Lanka began much later than in pre-Partition India. One serial mentioned in the India section of this guide, The Young Women of India and Ceylon External (available through the South Asia Open Archive), began publication in the early 20th century, but was published for British women living in the subcontinent. Serials for Sri Lankan women came about much later. The earliest commercial publication held in the Library’s collections is the Voice of Women, beginning publication in 1980, with Library holdings from 2001. While Voice of Women was available in English, Sinhalese, and Tamil, however the Library only holds issues in English. The earliest material in Sinhalese is Gămi kata with Library holdings from 1986. The earliest material in Tamil is Naṅkai = Nangai : women's monthly journal, with Library holdings from 1995. 

Serials in South Asian languages are available in the Library’s Asian Reading Room, while serials in English are available in the Library’s Main Reading Room. See the Item Availability section of a bibliographic record to learn what issues are available at the Library of Congress.

Locating Materials at the Library of Congress

To find out where certain items are located at the Library of Congress, please see the “Item Availability” section at the bottom of a bibliographic record in the Library of Congress Online Catalog. Serials in South Asian languages will have the location “Asian Reading Room.” Serials in English are generally available in the Main Reading Room, which is indicated by the phrase “Jefferson or Adams Building Reading Rooms.” You can also use this section to learn what issues of a serial are included in the collection, as in the example below.

Item Availability section of the online catalog record.

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