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South Manchuria Railway Company Publications

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The following is a selection of reprinted collections of documents, internal publications, and now out-of-print monographs and periodicals pertaining to the study of the South Manchuria Railway Company and related topics in the history of 20th-century Manchuria and Manchoukuo. A brief listing of each publication's contents are provided in the original Japanese. For full bibliographic details, please follow each title's link to view its online catalog record.

The following list contains both bibliographic guides and catalogs pertaining to the South Manchuria Railway Company, as well as scholarly monographs that present historical research on various aspects of the SMRC and its economic, political, and social activities in Manchuria.

The following English-language publications cover a variety of topics related to the history of Manchuria / Manchoukuo, many of which utilize South Manchuria Railway Company publications as sources.