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Spanish-American War: A Resource Guide

The Spanish-American War (1898) was a conflict between the U.S. and Spain, ending with the loss of Spain’s overseas empire and the U.S. emerging as a world power. This guide compiles digital material, external websites, and a selected print bibliography.


The Spanish-American War (1898) was fought between the United States and Spain, a conflict that ended with Spain losing most of its overseas empire and the U.S. emerging as a world power. After only a few months of fighting and a series of American victories in the Caribbean and the Pacific, the Treaty of Paris was signed on December 10, 1898, officially ending the war. As a result of the treaty, Cuba received its independence and Puerto Rico and Guam were ceded to the U.S. The U.S. also purchased the Philippines from Spain for $20 million.

The digital collections of the Library of Congress contain a wide variety of material associated with the Spanish-American War, including manuscripts, pictures, films, newspaper articles, and maps. This guide compiles links to digital materials related to the Spanish-American War that are available throughout the Library of Congress website. In addition, it provides links to subscription databases, external websites focusing on the Spanish-American War, and a bibliography containing selections for both general and younger readers.