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Sweet's Catalog File: A Resource Tool for Architects, Engineers, and Builders

Titles Listed by Call Number

Sweet's Catalog titles are listed by Library of Congress call number below. This classification scheme is also used for shelving arrangement in the Library's closed stacks. Note that titles vary over time, even within any given call number, so this list is intended as a general overview.  Select a call number in the table below to view detailed contents for that item.

TA215.S78 Sweet's Catalog File: Products for Industrial Construction and Renovation, Renovation Extension (1977-1990)
TA215.S8 Sweet's Catalog Service: Plant Engineering File; Plant Engineering Catalog File (1953-1976)
TA215.S82 List of Users of Sweet's Catalog File for Engineers and Contractors; Process Industries; Mechanical Industries; Power Plants (1930-1938)
TA215.S84 Sweet’s Engineering Catalog (1915, 1927-1933)
TA215.S85 Sweet’s Catalog File: Engineering (1934-1992, 1996)
TA215.S86 Sweet’s Catalog File: Mechanical Industries (1934-1952)
TA215.S87 Sweet’s Catalog File: Power Plants (1934-1952)
TA215.S88 Sweet’s Catalog File: Process Industries (1934-1952)
TH455.S782 Building Products for Export (1992)
TH455.S784 Mechanical Engineering and Retrofit (1981-)
TH455.S785 Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural (1979-)
TH455.S786 Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Retrofit (1980-)
TH455.S7864 General Building, Renovation, Homebuilding, Remodeling (1984-)
TH455.S787 Contract Interiors (1977-)
TH455.S788 International Construction (1986-)
TH455.S79 Electrical Engineering, Light Construction (1955, 1978, 1997)
TH455.S8 Sweet’s Architectural Catalog (1918, 1920, 1925-1926, 1929-)
TH455.S85 Builders/Light Construction (1942-)
TH455.S86 Directory (1999)
TH455.S87 Mechanical Engineering (1976-1980)
TH455.S873 Mechanical/Sanitary (1976)
TH455.S874 Homebuilding/Remodeling (1996)
TH6010.S93 Accessible Building Products (1995)
TH6010.S94 International Building Products (1995-1997)
TK455.S79 Electrical Engineering (1979-)