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Sylvester & Orphanos Collection and Archive: An Introduction

Publications List

The following list of Sylvester & Orphanos publications are listed by date of publication in chronological order. The LCCN link in the last column of the grid links to fuller bibliographic information in the Library of Congress Online Catalog for each item. Link to additional online content are included when available.

Date Title / Author LCCN Permalink
1976 Christopher and His Kind / by Christopher Isherwood
1978 Sentimental Education / by Joyce Carol Oates
1979 Sex is Politics and Vice Versa / by Gore Vidal
1979 Shadrach / by William Styron
1980 How Father Quixote Became a Monsignor / by Graham Greene
1980 The Leaves, the Lion-Fish, and the Bear / by John Cheever
1980 Town and Country Lovers / by Nadine Gordimer
1980 A Congo Diary / by V. S. Naipaul
1980 Hassan's Tower / by Margaret Drabble
1980 Samos / by James Merrill
1980 The Emerald / by Donald Barthelme
1980 Dickinson: Lyric and Legend / by J. V. Cunningham
1980 A Final Letter / by Reynolds Price
1980 Novotny's Pain / by Philip Roth
1981 Scrap of Paper & The Beiry-Picker: Two Plays / by James Purdy
1981 It Happened the Day the Sun Rose / by Tennessee Williams
1981 In the Red Room / by Paul Bowles
1982 The Legend of Te Tuna / by Richard Adams
1982 The National Pastime / by John Cheever
1983 A Quick Look Behind: Footnotes to an Autobiography / by Graham Greene
1985 Tales & Fables / by William Hjortsberg
1985 Impressions /  by John Updike
1987 Expelled / by John Cheever
1988 A Weed Among the Flowers / by Graham Greene
2004 Yannis Tsarouchis: The Face of Modern Greece
2006 My Cavafy: chance encounters / photographs by Stathis Orphanos; poetry by Constantine Cavafy
  Sylvester and Orphanos Archive collection