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Television Music: A Guide to Resources at the Library of Congress

Music Scores

This page describes how to locate music scores for television productions in the Music Division's general collections.

Class M

Search by title or composer in the Library of Congress Online Catalog to find a score for a specific television production. Scores for the same title may be under different call numbers. In addition, some television scores have been microfilmed; microfilm call numbers will contain the word "microfilm."

Because of the frequent crossovers between television and film, relevant music scores for television productions may sometimes be found under call numbers used for film music. Specific M classes to search under are:

  • M1527: Complete scores for specific film productions
  • M1527.2: Instrumental excerpts from scores for film productions
  • M1527.7: Complete scores for specific television productions
  • M1527.8: Excerpts from scores for television productions, including songs
  • M1527eu: Unpublished complete scores and instrumental excerpts of television and film music

Subject Headings and Name Authorities

Use the Library of Congress Subject Headings and the Library of Congress Name Authority Files to browse the Library of Congress Online Catalog and find additional relevant materials. Catalog records and finding aids include these authoritative forms of subjects, places, and people to unify individual or unique descriptions. Subject Headings and Authority Files allow you to:

  • Find related sub-headings
  • Discover resources with common topics, organizations, people, or languages
  • Find authoritative spellings of names, places, and subjects for consistent searching
  • Learn older or updated terminology related to specific subjects, professions, and cultures

Specific categories to browse include: