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Theater Research at the Library of Congress

Digital Resources

Digital content with theater materials represents worldwide artistic practices. These materials include digital collections, online exhibitions, recorded lectures and interviews with scholars and performers, filmed theatrical performances, and published articles and blog posts. The selected links below highlight single collections or unite items from various divisions of the Library of Congress that share a theatrical theme or theater-related materials.

Find additional online content using keyword searches on the Library's website.

The Library's digital collections represent worldwide traditions and practices in theater. The digital collections listed below highlight materials from various divisions within the Library that share focus on theater or include theater-related materials.

Browse the Library's complete list of past exhibitions for materials relevant to theater. The following is a selected list of relevant past exhibits.

Lectures and interviews with a theatrical focus created by multiple divisions within the Library have been recorded and made available online. The following links offer a representative sample. Search for more recorded lectures and interviews on the Library's website.

Featured Lecture

Alyssa Quint focuses on the early years of the modern Yiddish theater through the works of one of its best-known and most colorful figures, Avrom Goldfaden (1840-1908). Goldfaden was one of the first playwrights to stage a commercially viable Yiddish-language theater and his plays were performed frequently for Jewish audiences. Quint uses Goldfaden's theatrical works as a way to understand the social life of Jews in late Imperial Russia, exploring connections between artistic production and larger social structures during an important moment in Russian Jewish history. (Event date: November 21, 2019)

More Lectures & Interviews

Many filmed theatrical performances are part of the Variety Stage Sound Recordings and Motion Pictures digital collection. A handful of additional performances also included in this list are available through the Library's website.

Featured Video

This live performance tells the stories of Emma Lazarus, an immigrant's daughter who became known as Lady Liberty's poet, and Irving Berlin, an immigrant who became one of America's best loved composers. The original play, commissioned by the Hebraic Section and written and directed by Roberta Gasbarre, Director of The Discovery Theater, Smithsonian Associates, explores how the values of liberty, opportunity, and religious freedom shaped American history. The 45 minute presentation was one of the public programs related to the Library of Congress exhibition, "From Haven to Home: 350 Years of Jewish Life in America." (Event date: December 6, 2004)

More Filmed Performances

The Music Division has supported scholarship on theater research. Much of this research has been shared and made available on the Library's website. These articles include:

Several Library blogs have published posts on theater-related research. These blogs include:

Search for additional Library of Congress blog posts on the main blog website. The following is a representative sample of theater-specific blog posts.