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This Month in Business History


Rollin Kirby, artist. Sold out. 1929. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Opening of the Erie Canal

On on July 4, 1817 construction began on the Erie Canal but it opened for traffic on October 26, 1825 and became a major transportation line for all manor of products.

The Black Monday Stock Market Crash

Just as the stock market crash of October 28, 1929, has forever come to be remembered as "Black Tuesday," so October 19, 1987, has come to be known as "Black Monday." It was on this day that the stock market again crashed, precipitating one of the first financial crises of the modern globalized era.

The Clayton Antitrust Act Enacted

The Clayton Antitrust Act enacted October 15, 1914, was intended to prevent anticompetitive practices, and strengthened provisions of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890.

Birth of Ybor City, the Cigar Capital of the World

Cigar industrialist Don Vicente Martinez Ybor contracted with the Tampa Board of Trade on October 5, 1885, to relocate his cigar industry operations to what is now known as Ybor City, FL.