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Thomas Kane Pamphlet Collection on Ethiopia/Eritrea at the Library of Congress


The pamphlet collection on Eritrea currently contains 111 entries, spanning mid-1990s to 2000 and mainly covering the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia though there are very few that go back to the 1930s. Each article is identified by a specific number assigned to it. The articles and pamphlets are organized alphabetically by the author's name. The librarian will assist the researcher when the user submits a slip with the specific subject and the number assigned to it. The user is advised to take advantage of the alphabetical arrangement of the authors of the pamphlets. Because the pamphlets are kept in a folder with all of the information about the title of the article, name of author and the subject as well as the number assigned to it, please return the article inside the correct folder after each use.







1 Aberra, Getatchew The Legal Dimensions of the Ethio-Eritrean Conflict and Analysis of the Technical Arrangements Walta Information Center 3 July 2000 13 pages
2 Amlak, Getahun Gebre The Eritrean Reality Today Walta Information Center 25 January 2000 4 pages
3 Agence France-Presse Eritrea: U.N. Teams Arrives The New York Times 8 July 2000 1 page
4 Alliance of Eritrean National Forces (AENF) Statement of Extraordinary Meeting of AENF Supreme Leadership   17 June 2000 2 pages
5 Alliance of Eritrean National Forces (AENF) Political Charter of the AENF     3 pages
6 Anderson, David E. A War Against Want: Conflict with Eritrea, red tape hamper effort to halt Ethiopian famine The Washington Post 29 April 2000 1 page
7 Associated Press Ethiopia Claims a Victory in Eritrean War The Washington Post 14 May 2000 1 page
8 Associated Press Ethiopia Drives Deeper into Eritrea The Washington Post 28 May 2000 1 page
9 Associated Press Ethiopia, Eritrea to Hold Talks in U.S. The Washington Post 30 June 2000 1 page
10 Associated Press Eritrea Says Port Hit by Ethiopia The Washington Post 4 June 2000 1 page
11 Berhane, Kahasai A Political and Legal Analysis of the Eritrean Question Working Papers. n.7   25 pages
12 Brizioli, Francesco La Coltivazione Del Caffe Sulle Pendici Orientali Dell’Eritrea Rassegna Economica Dell Colonie; v14, n9-12 September-December 1935 Pg. 1-32
13 Clapham, Christopher Review by Pateman, Roy Eritrea: Even the Stones are Burning     3 pages
14 Clapham, Christopher The Eritrean Conflict: Notes on a possible settlement   May 1990 5 pages
15 CSIS List of Participants In the Conference “Current Situation and Prospects for Peace and Stability In Eritrea and Ethiopia   3 May 1989 8 pages
16 De Benedictis, Antonio Primo Contributo per la Conoscenza Della Reazione dei terreni Coltivati a Caffe Nello Yemen, In Abissinia, Ed Eritrea Rassegna Economica Dell Colonie; v9, n3-4 March- April 1931 Pg. 1-8
17 Eritrean People’s Liberation Front Ethiopian Army Massacring Civilians; State of Emergency declared   1988 2 pages
18 Eritrean People’s Liberation Front Statement on the ‘Regional Automony’ of the Dergue’s Shengo   1987 3 pages
19 Eritrean People’s Liberation Front No Democracy in Ethiopia’s “People’s Democratic Republic”   1987 3 pages
20 Eritrean People’s Liberation Front National Democratic Programme   1987 11 pages
21 Eritrean People’s Liberation Front VANGUARD v2, n5 August 1977 49 pages
22 The Eritrean Relief Committee ERC Submits Congressional Testimony; Update on Life in War-torn Eritrea; Agricultural Rehabilitation The ERC Newsletter; v7, n1 Spring 1989 Pg. 1-12
23 Eritrean Relief Committee War Unremitting: But Self-help Recovery Programs are Steadfast Recent News Release   2 pages
24 Fessehatzion, Tekie “Eritrean Options and Ethiopia’s Future” – A Reply to Paul Henze   1 August 1989 16 pages
25 Fisher, Ian A Ceaseless War Leaves Trial if Death in Eritrea The New York Times 29 May 2000 1 page
26 Fisher, Ian After a Victory, Ethiopia Looks Towards Other Fronts: Signs that all of Eritrea could be battlefield  The New York Times 20 May 2000 1 page
27 Fisher, Ian Ethiopian and Eritrean Forces Fight Along Border The New York Times 14 May 2000 1 page
28 Fisher, Ian Ethiopians and Eritreans Sign Cease-Fire The New York Times 19 June2000 1 page
29 Fisher, Ian Ethiopian Army Slices Into Eritrea as Vast Throngs Flee The New York Times 19 May 2000 1 page
30 Fisher, Ian Ethiopia: Pullout Announced The New York Times 20 June 2000 1 page
31 Fisher, Ian Ethiopia Says It Will Withdraw From Newly Captured Territory The New York Times 31 May 2000 1 page
32 Fisher, Ian Ethiopia: Victory Claims The New York Times 24 May 2000 1 page
33 Fisher, Ian Eritrea Gives Up Vital Town to Ethiopia; Peace Hopes Rise The New York Times 26 May 2000 1 page
34 Fisher, Ian Ethiopia Pushes Harder in Eritrean Territory The New York Times 18 May 2000 1 page
35 Fisher, Ian Eritrean Town is Empty After Ethiopians Take Control The New York Times 17 May 2000 1 page
36 Fisher, Ian From an Old-Fashioned War, a Very Modern Calamity The New York Times 4 June 2000 1 page
37 Fisher, Ian Home is Still a Memory for Multitude in Eritrea The New York Times 2 June 2000 1 page
38 Fisher, Ian Where Stuffed Hyena Dwells with Emperor’s Bed The New York Times 12 June 2000 1 page
39 Fisher, Ian With Accord Set, Ethiopia and Eritrea Pause in Fighting The New York Times 16 June 2000 1 page
40 Henze, Paul B Ethiopia and Eritrea in Translation: The Impact of Ethnicity on Politics and Development   April 1994 11 pages
41 Henze, Paul B Eritrea 1995: Visit to Debre Bizen   12 January 1995 5 pages
42 Henze, Paul B Eritrea: The Dilemmas of Marxism     51 pages
43 Henze, Paul B Eritrea: The Economic Challenge. Conference on Eritreans for Peace and Democracy 3-4 November 1990 10 pages
44 Henze, Paul B Eritrea – The Endless War   Spring 1986 20 pages
45 Henze, Paul B Eritrea: the Endless War The Washington Quarterly. v9,n2 Spring 1986 14 pages
46 Henze, Paul B Eritrean Options and Ethiopia’s Future   July 1989 16 pages
47 Henze, Paul B Eritrea’s War against Ethiopia: Causes and effects, reflections, prescriptions   2000 14 pages
48 Henze, Paul B Eritrea’s War: Media Performance     6 pages
49 Henze, Paul B Public Relation lessons of the conflict with Eritrea   1999 3 pages
50 Henze, Paul B Subject: Conversation with Isaias Afewerki, 11 March 1991   1991 9 pages
51 Henze, Paul B Who “Lost” Eritrea? What has been “Lost”?   May 1993 6 pages
52 Hickey, Tony International Reactions to the Ethio-Eritrean Conflict and the Role of the Media Walta Information Center 3 June 2000 10 pages
53 Hickey, Tony International Response  to the Ethio-Eritrea Conflict: Mythology, the media, and the peace process   1999 4 pages
54 Houtart, Francois Social aspects of the Eritrean revolution     10 pages
55 International Relations Office/ELF (RC) Human Rights Report on Eritrea Walta Information Center December 1999 22 pages
56a Kane, Thomas L Translation of an Eritrea Story   1994 3 pages, *2 coipes
56b Kane, Thomas L Translation of an Eritrea Story   1994 3 pages *2 coipes
57 Keleman, Paul The politics of the famine in Ethiopia and Eritrea   1985 22 pages
58 Keller, Edmond J Constitutionalism and the National Question in Africa: The Case of Eritrea   1988 38 pages
59 Kendie, Daniel PhD Review of Eritrea: Separatism and Irredentism, 1941-1985 by Lolloyd S. Ellingson   1987 38 pages
60 Legesse, Asmarom Eritrea and Ethiopia: the Prospects for a new Political framework   1989 5 pages
61 Lynch, Colum Ethiopia and Eritrea Sign a Peace Accord: UN Peace Keepers to Monitor Disputed Border The Washington Post 19 June 2000 1 page
62a Mazzocchi-Alemanni, Nallo Il Caffe Nella Colonia Eritrea Rassegna Economica dell Colonie; v10, n11-12 November-December 1931 Pg. 1-7, *2 copies
62b Mazzocchi-Alemanni, Nallo Il Caffe Nella Colonia Eritrea Rassegna Economica dell Colonie; v10, n11-12 November-December 1931 Pg. 1-7, *2 copies
63 Miron, Richard         Blood Brothers? Africans Abroad BBC focus on Africa   3 pages
64 Morrison, Godfrey The Southern Sudan/Eritrea: aspects of wider African problems Minority Rights Group July 1971 36 pages
65 Mufson, Steven Eritrea Agrees to Cease Fire; Ethiopia’s Decision Still Pending The Washington Post 25 May 2000 1 page
66 Mufson, Steven ‘Proximity’ Elusive in Ethiopia-Eritrea Talks The Washington Post 8 June 2000 1 page
67 Negash, Tekeshe Resistance and Collaboration in Eritrea, 1885-1914   1982 p1-37
68 Petras, James The Eritrean Revolution and Contemporary World Affairs Working Papers. n.2   18 pages
69 Perlez, Jane U.S. Did Little to Deter Buildup as Ethiopia and Eritrea Prepared for War The New York Times 22 May 2000 1 page
70 Puglisi, Giuseppe Chi E’?  Dell’Eritrea Dizionario Biografico 1952 163 pages
71 RAND Corp Henze Assesses progress in Ethiopia and Eritrea RAND Items; no.1337 23 March 1995 1 page
72 Renn, James Radio In Eritrea: Africa’s Longest War The Monitoring Magazine July 1995 2 pages
73 Reuters Ethiopia Agrees to Peace Plan The Washington Post 15 June 2000 1 page
74 Reuters Ethiopia, Eritrea: Possible Pact The New York Times 10 June 2000 1 page
75 Reuters Ethiopia, Eritrea: Talk Resume The New York Times 3 June 2000 1 page
76 Reuters Ethiopia: Yes to Peace The New York Times 15 June 2000 1 page
77 Reuters Eritrea Accepts Pact; Ethiopia Attacks The Washington Post 11 June 2000 1 page
78 Reuters Eritrea Claims Big Victory Over Ethiopia The Washington Post 5 June 2000 1 page
79 Sabby, Othman Saleh The History of Eritrea     Pg. 11-272
80 Tissi, Eugenio I Terreni Auriferi Dell’Eritrea (1927) Ministero Delle Colonie; vl1 1933 Pg. 1-16
81 Vick, Karl A Chess Game on the Border; Ethiopia Push Eritrea May Be a Ploy by Both Sides The Washington Post 18 May 2000 1 page
82 Vick, Karl Breaching the borders. ‘Strategic Retreat’ Let Ethiopia Take Key Eritrean Town The Washington Post 2000 2 page
83 Vick, Karl Ethiopia Claims of Key Eritrean Town The Washington Post 2000 1 page
84 Vick, Karl Ethiopia, Eritrea to Resume Talks: History of Distrust, National Pride Still Divided Warring Nations The Washington Post 29 May 2000 2 page
85 Vick, Karl Ethiopian Jets Hit  Airship in Eritrean Capital The Washington Post 30 May  2000 1 page
86 Vick, Karl Ethiopia Launches a Major Offensive: Fighting Heavy on Eritrean Border The Washington Post 24 May  2000 1 page
87 Vick, Karl Ethiopia Makes Major Gains in African War. Troops Seize Eritrea’s Command Center The Washington Post 19 May 2000 2 page
88 Vick, Karl Ethiopia Says Major Border Town Taken The Washington Post 26 May 2000 1 page
89 Vick, Karl Ethiopia Vows to Press on With War The Washington Post 22 May 2000 1 page
90 Vick, Karl Eritrea Disputes Ethiopia Claim of Troop Withdrawal The Washington Post 31 May 2000 1 page
91 Vick, Karl Eritrea Disputes Ethiopia’s Claim of Victory The Washington Post 1 June 2000 1 page
92 Vick, Karl Many Eritreans Leave Their Fields Behind: Breadbasket Made Barren by Border War The Washington Post 2 June  2000 1 page
93 Witten, M. Wray Bada: Further Background Information concerning the Eritrean invasion of Ethiopia   1998 4 pages
94a Witten, M. Wray The Grave Danger of Illusions about Eritrea   1998 8 pages, *2 copies
94b Witten, M. Wray The Grave Danger of Illusions about Eritrea   1998 8 pages, *2 copies
95 Wodajo, Kifle The Eritrean Conflict: Beyond Partisanship   1990 7 pages
96   ADULIS vol. 3, no. 3 1986 16 pages
97   ADULIS vol. 7, no. 8 October 1990 8 pages
98   A Journeying Week: The Premier, The Patriarch, and the President   11 September 2000 2 pages
99   Briefing of Journalists and Diplomats by Lt. Gen. Tsadkan Gebre Tinsae Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Forces The Ethiopian Herald 29 May 2000 2 pages
100   Ethiopian-Eritrean Peace Talks Move to D.C.     1 page
101   Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement   1991 3 pages
102   EPLF, Condemned fabrication of statement “The culmination point is coming closer”     7 pages
103a   Excerpts from Amanuel Amde-Mikael’s Speech   16 May 1976 12 pages*
103b   Excerpts from Amanuel Amde-Mikael’s Speech   16 May 1976 12 pages*
104   Gazette of Eritrean Laws   1991 27 pages
105   Part 3: War-torn Eritrea   1987 43 pages
106   Policy Declaration of the Provisional Military Government to Solve the Problem in the Administrative Region of Eritrea in a Peaceful Way ADDIS ABABA 16 May 1976 8 pages
107   Statement of Appeal Repatriation of Eritrean Refugees: Why now? Walta Information Center 2000 3 pages
108   The ELF(RC) position on some pertinent aspects relating to the peaceful resolution of the Ethio-Eritrean conflict Eritrean Liberation Front - Revolutionary Council 1990 3 pages
109   The Eritrean Crisis in the context of Ethiopia, the Red Sea, and Africa     197 pages
110   U.S. Resumes Eritrea Food Aid Program The Washington Post 28 March 2000 1 page
111   War Rages on After Eritrea Accepts Truce The New York Times 11 June 2000 1 page