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Thomas Kane Pamphlet Collection on Ethiopia/Eritrea at the Library of Congress

Book Reviews

Each article on Ethiopia from the Thomas Kane Pamphlet Collection is identified by a specific number. Within this subject, the articles and pamphlets are organized alphabetically by the author's name. Researchers should submit a call slip with the specific subject and the number assigned. The researcher is advised to take advantage of the alphabetical arrangement of the authors of the pamphlets. Because the pamphlets are kept in a folder with all of the information about the title of the article, name of author and the subject as well as the number assigned to it, please return the article inside the correct folder after each use.

1 Anfray, F Ethiopia, Land of Ancient Civilization; Mediaeval Ethiopia; National Library of Ethiopia     2 pages
2 Cerulli, Enrico I Manoscritti Etiopici Della Biblioteca Nazionale di atene   1942 Pg. 181-190
3 Cerulli, Enrico Lanfranco Ricci   1989 Pg. 103-113
4 Cohen, John M Review of Harold G. Marcus, Ethiopia, Great Britain, and the US, 1941-1974: The Politics of Empire   1983 8 pages
5 Guidi, I XXI The Ethiopic Senkessar Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society July 1911 Pg. 739-758
6 Haile, Getatchew The Forty-nine Hour Sabbath of the Ethiopian Church Journal of Semitic Studies; v33, n2 1988 Pg. 233-254
7 Henze, Paul B Review of David A. Korn, Ethiopia, the united States and the Soviet Union. RAND Corp   10 pages
8 Henze, Paul B Marxist Disaster and Cultural Survival in Ethiopia. Books from the 1980s. A Review Article for the Problems of Communism   51 pages
9 Kapeliuk, Olga Review of Eswald Wagner, Afikanische Handschriften, II: Islamische Handschriften aus Aethiopien International Journal of African Historical Studies; v32, n2-3 1999 2 pages
10 Kapeliuk, Olga Review of Renate Richter, Lehrbuch der Amharischen Sprache   May 1988 Pg. 218-222
11 Leslau, Wolf Review of E. Donzel, Foreign Relations of Ethiopia 1642-1700. Documents relating to the journeys of Khodja Murad   1981 Pp225-228
12 Pankhurst, Richard The Emperor The Times Literary Supplement: Letter no.4 17 April 1987 1 page
13 Polotsky, H.J. Edward Ullendorff, A Tiqrinya   1987 Pg. 236-243
14 Ricci, Lanfranco Enrico Cerulli E L’Istituto ser l’oriente   1990 Pg. 1-6
15a Ricci, Lanfranco Review of H.D. Nelson & I. Kaplan, Ethiopia – A Country Study Annali dell’Istituto Orientale di Napoli 1984 Pg. 517-521
*2 copies
15b Ricci, Lanfranco Review of H.D. Nelson & I. Kaplan, Ethiopia – A Country Study Annali dell’Istituto Orientale di Napoli 1984 Pg. 517-521
*2 copies
16 Ricci, Lanfranco Review of Reidulf K. Molvaer, Black Lions: the Creative Lives of Modern Ethiopia’s Literary Giants and Pioneers Rassegna di Studi Etiopici; v39 1995 Pg. 212-227
17 Ricci, Lanfranco Review of R.K. Molvaer, Tradition and Change in Ethiopia – Social and Cultural life as reflected in Amharic fictional Literature Annali dell’Istituto Orientale di Napoli; v42 1982 Pg. 671-675
18 Rossini, Carlo Conti Bibliografia Etiopica (1927-giugno 1936) Bollettini Bibliografia Aevum; v10 1936 Pg. 467-587
19 Ullendorff, Edward Prowess, Piety and Politics: The Chronicle of Abeto Iyasu and Empress Zewditu of Ethiopia (1909-1930) JRAS, Series 3 1995 Pg. 253-259
20 Ullendorff, Edward Rassegna di Etiopici XLII   1999 Pg. 176-180
21 Ullendorff, Edward Review of Richard K.P. Pankhurst, The Ethiopian Royal Chronicles; Henry A. Stern, Wonderings among the Falashas in Abyssinia, together with a description of the country and its various inhabitants; Carlo Giglio, L’articolo XVII de trattato di Uccialli     Pp206-209
22 Ullendorff, Edward Some Marginalia on Two Articles in JRAS 1,3 (1991) Journal of Royal Asiatic Society; v2, pt 3 November 1992 Pp423-425
23 Wurmbrand, Max Remarks on the Text of the Falasha ‘Death of Moses’     Pg. 431-437
24   Bairu Tafla, Ethiopia and Austria: A History of their Relations, 1994 Athiopistsche Forshungen   2 pages
25   Estratto da <<Rassenga Di Studi Etiopici>> Bibliografia V26 1973-1977 Pg. 99-111