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Thomas Kane Pamphlet Collection on Ethiopia/Eritrea at the Library of Congress


Each article on Ethiopia from the Thomas Kane Pamphlet Collection is identified by a specific number. Within this subject, the articles and pamphlets are organized alphabetically by the author's name. Researchers should submit a call slip with the specific subject and the number assigned. The researcher is advised to take advantage of the alphabetical arrangement of the authors of the pamphlets. Because the pamphlets are kept in a folder with all of the information about the title of the article, name of author and the subject as well as the number assigned to it, please return the article inside the correct folder after each use.

1 Bekele, Maaza Ethiopian Education: Challenge of the ‘70's   1968 4 pages
2 Gumbel, Peter & Nustrom, Kjell & Samuelssom, Rolf Education in Ethiopia, 1974-82   June 1983 78 pages
3 Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES) Bulletin 1st Interdisciplinary Seminar of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies; Society of Friends Lectures; Special Meeting of the Society of Friends of the IES   July 1998 11 pages
4 Kapeliuk, Olga A New Generation of Ethiopian Students Northeast African Studies 1988 Pg. 105-110
5 Milkias, Paulos Traditional Institutions and Traditional Elites: the role of Education in the Ethiopian Body-Politics   1976 8 pages
6 Nordblom, Judith The Real Job of Helping can Best be Achieved in the City Peace Core Volunteer September 1966 Pg. 14-16
7 Quarmby, Andrew & Quarmby, Diana The Ethiopian University Service International Secretariat for Volunteer Service. No. 7E July 1969 Pg. 1-45
8 Wagaw, Teshome The Burden and Glory of Being Schooled: An Ethiopian Dilemma   1982 25 pages
9   25th Anniversary Personal Invite to the 8th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies   1984  
10   The Old Balabat Medhane Alem School March 1967 16 pages
11   Students wanting to continue their Studies must Register today of Friday University Report 13 April 1967 1 page